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【亚博yabo手机】申真谞朴廷桓七番大战将揭幕 申真谞:4-3胜最理想
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【亚博yabo手机】申真谞朴廷桓七番大战将揭幕 申真谞:4-3胜最理想


  According to the news from South Korea's, Shin Jinjin and Park Ting-hwan’s Qifanqi Go Super Tournament will kick off on October 19 in Namhae County, South Korea’s island. On October 7th, the press conference before the finals of the Super League was held at the Korean Chess Institute. Namhae County guard Jang Chung-nam, Korean Chess Institute Director Yang Jae-ho, participating players Shin Jin-jeong and Park Ting-hwan attended the press conference.

根据韩国Wulu.com的消息,申进进(Shin Jinjin)和朴庭焕(Park Ting-hwan)的Qifanqi Go超级锦标赛将于10月19日在韩国南海县举行。 10月7日,超级联赛决赛前的新闻发布会在韩国国际象棋研究所举行。南海郡警卫章钟南,韩国国际象棋研究所所长杨在镐,参加比赛的选手申振正和朴定焕参加了新闻发布会。

Chang Chung-nam, the governor of Namhae County, said: “The world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. This time the Super Go Tournament held in the South China Sea on the island is of far-reaching significance. I hope that through this tournament, everyone can see the beautiful scenery of the South China Sea. The most important thing is. What’s more, through the duel of the world’s top chess players, it brings hope to the Go fans. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the two professional players who participated in this competition and the director of the Korean Chess Academy, Yang Jae-ho."


Director of the Korean Chess Academy, Yang Jae-ho, said: “This conference was personally planned by the county governor, which made me very touched. Nanhai County is the hometown of Shin Zhendi’s father. Therefore, Shenzhen Di Jiudan is widely known as Nanhai’s child, and this contributed to this. The match between Tsing Shin Jin and Park Ting Hwan. I am very curious about how Shin Jin Nin 9 Dan and Park Ting Hwan 9 Dan will win or lose if they play Qi Fan. The game between the two players in Nanhai County is of great significance and I hope to leave a wonderful game. And use this duel as an opportunity to further improve chess skills."


At the press conference, Shen Zhenzhen said: "Thank you very much for the staff who have put in this game, especially Nanhai County Mamoru. To express my gratitude, I will show my best state and present you with a wonderful game. "


Park Ting-hwan said: "Thank you for the Namhae county guard and related people who created this opportunity. Shin Zhenzhen is at his peak. This competition will give me many opportunities to learn. I hope everyone will show good The content of the game."


When asked by reporters about the winning rate, Shin Jin said: "If I play an informal game of Qifan with Park Ting-hwan, I am confident that the winning rate will remain at 90%, but since it is an official game, I will maintain a 90% winning rate and It is not an easy task. Even so, I will do my best to break my highest record."


Park Ting-hwan, who has a relatively disadvantaged record, said: "At the beginning of this year, I had played against Shin Zhenzhen many times, but the result was not very good, and his self-confidence has also declined, so I have been losing. So I gladly accepted this competition. I think this competition can give me a great opportunity to improve in strength. In fact, my current state is still in a stagnant period. I hope that my state can be improved through this competition."


   Regarding the score prediction, Shin Jin-shen said bluntly: "I think winning with 4 wins and 3 losses is ideal." Park Ting-hwan also agreed with this, he said: "


Talking about the strengths of opponents, Shin Zhen said: "I respect Park Tinghuan 9dan. His dedication to Go is worth learning. At the last Nongshim Cup, I saw Park Tinghuan's 9dan game. Really It's great."


When discussing Shin Jinzhen, Park Ting-hwan said: "Shin Jinzhen is much faster than me in judgment. If I need 1 minute, Shin Jinzhen will only need 30 seconds. Especially in the game, I will find content that I didn't expect. , I hope I can learn more from him."


The first round of the Super Showdown will start on October 19th, the second and third rounds will be played on October 21st and 22nd, the fourth and fifth rounds will be played on November 14th and 16th, and December 1st and 2nd. Play the sixth and seventh rounds. The venue was set in Namhae County, South Korea, which included four field games.


   This tournament is sponsored by the Korean Chess Academy and sponsored by Namhae County. The total scale of the tournament is up to 290 million won. The winner will receive 15 million won in game fees and the loser will receive 5 million in game fees.




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