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After two consecutive victories in the Football Association Cup and the league, Luneng ushered in the penultimate round of the first stage against Henan Jianye, who was at the bottom of the group. Jianye, who has missed the second-stage championship team, only sent Bassogo a foreign aid to start the single arrow, and only one foreign aid Kalanga was placed on the bench, and even the list of 23 people was not filled. Luneng also made a lot of rotations. Fellaini played free cards and watched the teammates' game from a unique perspective upstairs in the hotel. Another special spectator of the game was the one who appeared on the main broadcaster's camera. Moth.


Before the game, Pellet, who played 100 games for the Luneng League, and Liu Binbin, who played 200 games in Luneng’s career, took over the commemorative jerseys, and Yang Kuo, who was produced by Jianye's Luneng Youth Training, also accepted his own representative of Jianye. Memorial jersey for the game.

赛前,为鲁能联赛效力100场比赛的佩莱(Pellet)和在鲁能职业生涯发挥200场比赛的刘彬彬(Lin Binbin)接过了纪念球衣,而建业的鲁能青年训练队(Leneng Youth Training)生产的杨阔(Yang Kuo)也接受了他自己的球衣。建业代表。纪念球衣。

At the opening, Luneng’s position was 4231, Song Long appeared in the position of the back midfielder and partnered with the FA Cup. Chen Kerui, who had won his first chance to start in the season league, Duan Liuyu was the front midfielder, Gerdes and Liu Binbin were one left. right.


However, after the opening game, Jianye attacked the left back Liu Yang twice in a row, causing danger. Liu Yang is now kicking the left back, a bit like Marcelo moving closer;


The team immediately changed. Binbin returned to the left to strengthen the protection of Liu Yang, and briefly withdrew to the right midfielder. Gerdes returned to the role of a free agent in the center, basically returning to a position similar to the previous round; The continued unfavorable situation on the court led Li to replace Chen Kerui with Moises in the 23rd minute, and Henan Jianye, who performed well in the first half, suddenly collapsed towards the end of the half, first losing the midfield. The ball was counter-attacked by Luneng, Duan Liuyu sent a precise through stop. In the last two games, Gerdes, who had returned to the state, made a precise low-level push to score the far end of the dead corner and completed his first league goal of the season. He and a short period of celebration. Also full of love;


Four minutes later, Zhou Dingyang's handball in the penalty area gave Luneng a penalty, and Pellet made a free penalty in 100 games;


In the stoppage time of the first half, an external shot hit the post and bounced so that Luneng could once again take a two-goal lead into the second half.


In the second half, Guo Tianyu replaced Pellet, and Jin Jingdao replaced Song Long, the midfielder of the team. All the players returned to their habitual positions; however, Luneng’s performance in the second half showed signs of fatigue, except for Gedes soon A kick shot was cleared by the Henan defender and the rest of the time was lacklustre;


Henan also lost the motivation to recover the score. Soon after Kalanga came off the bench, Basogor and Zhou Dingyang were replaced at the same time. The two teams with a dense schedule recently ended the second half in a sleepy manner. Luneng won three consecutive victories, while Henan confirmed the bottom of the group.

河南也失去了恢复得分的动力。卡兰加(Kalanga)离开替补席后不久,巴索格(Basogor)和周定阳(Zang Dingyang)同时被替换。日程安排密集的两支球队最近都困了下来。鲁能连续三场夺冠,而河南队则稳居榜首。

After this round of competition, Luneng and Suning ranked third in the group due to the same score. In the last round, Luneng faced R&F, who had missed the top four. Suning had to play against Shenzhen, who still had hopes of the four. Luneng needed to surpass Suning in points to get second in the group, thus in the first round of the second stage. Beijing Guoan, who avoided Group B in the knockout, ushered in a relatively weak opponent while avoiding Evergrande in the half-zone position. The results of the final round on September 27 and the final qualifying of the group are still in doubt.

经过这一轮比赛,鲁能和苏宁以相同的分数排名该组第三。在上一轮比赛中,鲁能面对富裕的富力,后者错过了前四名。苏宁必须与深圳对战,深圳对四人仍然抱有希望。鲁能需要在积分上超过苏宁,以在小组赛中获得第二名,从而进入第二阶段的第一轮。在淘汰赛中避开乙组的北京国安迎来了一个相对较弱的对手,同时避免了恒大进入半区亚博yabo手机登录。 9月27日的最后一轮比赛的结果以及小组的最终排位赛仍然值得怀疑。

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