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There are still four final qualifying games for the European U21 Football Championship. Croatia's next opponents are San Marino, Greece, Scotland and Lithuania, and must try to win in order to qualify.

欧洲U21足球冠军赛还有四场决赛资格赛。克罗地亚的下一个对手是圣马力诺(San Marino),希腊,苏格兰和立陶宛,他们必须设法获胜才能晋级。

Today at 18:00, Croatia will challenge San Marino away and the game will be played empty. The official website of the Croatian Football Association ( interviewed two players about the upcoming game.

今天在18:00,克罗地亚将挑战San Marino,比赛将荡然无存。克罗地亚足球协会的官方网站(就即将举行的比赛采访了两名球员。

Luka Ivanusec (Luka Ivanusec) played the most times in this U21 national team and is one of the key players that determine the team's performance. He is optimistic about the next qualifying round.

卢卡·伊万瑟斯(Luka Ivanusec)在这支U21国家队中出战最多,并且是决定球队表现的关键球员之一。他对下一轮排位赛感到乐观。

"We are very likely to enter the European Championships because we are better than other teams. Some games did not meet expectations, but we are confident of winning the remaining four games."


However, he will also take San Marino and Greece seriously. "I look forward to playing against Greece again. They understand us and will make targeted deployments. This game may become more difficult and we must be prepared."

但是,他也将认真对待圣马力诺和希腊。 “我期待再次与希腊对抗。他们了解我们并亚博yabo手机登录将进行有针对性的部署。这场比赛可能会变得更加困难,我们必须做好准备。”

Despite a good performance in September, Ivanushets is convinced that the team will now be at a higher level. "Everyone is very happy to regroup, training is very dedicated. Whether to qualify for the European Championships, everything still depends on us." He concluded.

尽管9月的表现不错,但Ivanushets坚信团队现在将处于更高水平。 “每个人都非常高兴重组,训练也亚博yabo手机登录非常专注。是否有资格参加欧洲锦标赛,一切仍然取决于我们。”他总结说。

Not surprisingly, San Marino is just a small episode on the way to the race. "We performed well in the two games last month, and I believe it will be the same this time. We played together as a whole when we were young. This will help us play the remaining four games well in the European Championships. Won a place in the game." Defender Martin Erlić said that he made his first U21 appearance in the 5-0 victory over Greece in September.

毫不奇怪,圣马力诺只是比亚博yabo手机赛中的一小部分。 “我们在上个月的两场比赛中表现出色,我相信这次会是相同的。我们年轻时就一起比赛了。这将帮助我们在欧洲锦标赛中打完剩下的四场比赛。在游戏中的位置。”后卫马丁·埃里奇(MartinErlić)说,他在9月以5比0战胜希腊的比赛中首次出战U21。

"We are very motivated and have prepared for the home game against Greece. This game is very important. If all three points are taken, it will give a good start to the last two games. In short, we must not stumble anymore. Easy, but we will never be afraid. As long as we try our best, everything will be fine."


Despite San Marino's poor performance in the qualifying rounds, Elridge will take the game seriously. "Regardless of the strength of the opponent, we must go all out, because underestimating the enemy will often bring disastrous results."

尽管圣马力诺在预选赛中表现不佳,但埃尔里奇将认真对待比赛。 “不管对手的实力如何,我们都必须全力以赴,因为低估敌人往往会带来灾难性的后果。”

Erlic experienced various difficulties in Italy, finally entered the first team of Spezia, with the team to advance to Serie A. "I went to Italy when I was 15 years old. Success is difficult, but I persevere. It is always harder to succeed abroad than at home, especially for young players. Of course, the standards in this regard are also very high. But it is still much easier to compete for the position of the first team. There are many young Croatian players who have failed in Italy, and thank goodness, I did not."


The new crown epidemic temporarily suspended the league, but the team successfully upgraded after the rematch. "It's not easy. We can't go out. I stayed in an apartment of about 70 square meters for two months. We train at home twice a day. Fortunately, we ranked very high before the suspension, so we can continue after the rematch. Going forward. Fans helped us achieve such a brilliant record. Even though we were barred from entering the stands, they still enthusiastically waited at the hotel entrance and went to the stadium with us. They were our twelfth player." Ellich said.

新的皇冠疫情暂时使联盟停赛,但球队在复赛后成功升级。 “这不容易。我们不能出去。我在大约70平方米的公寓里住了两个月。我们每天在家训练两次。幸运的是,在停赛前我们排名很高,所以我们可以在停赛后继续前进球迷们帮助我们取得了如此辉煌的成绩。即使我们被禁止进入看台,他们仍然热情地在酒店门口等候,与我们一起去体育场。他们是我们的第十二名球员。”埃里希说。

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