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October 5, 2019, Munich Allianz Arena. On this day, Bayern, who had just beaten Tottenham 7-2 away in the Champions League, lost to Hoffenheim at home 1-2 at the Bundesliga level, and suffered their first defeat since 10 games this season (excluding Germany). Super Cup). It’s just the front page of the various media outlets after the game. They didn’t care about Bayern’s seemingly unexpected failure. Instead, they published this photo at the same time. Before the game, Bayern player Martinez shed sadly from the bench. With tears, Bayern assistant coach Frick came to comfort him.


In the intensive competition of multi-line combat, Martinez, who had no national team mission, was regarded as Bayern’s best rotation in the game. However, the then coach Kovacs completely continued the previous lineup in the game, even if a change was wasted. The number of people did not give Martinez playing time. Since this day was the 3rd birthday of his son Luca in the stands, Martinez couldn't hide his tears on the sidelines... Obviously, the professional German media accurately saw through this lens: Bayern has a crisis behind its surface stability, and This photo is undoubtedly the turning point that triggered the Bundesliga this season.


In fact, as early as the end of last season, the outside world has captured the internal disagreement of Bayern. For example, many media outlets have revealed that Kovac will "dismiss get out of class" after the season. "Spox" and even stated that Bayern has decided to dismiss Kovac regardless of whether it won the "double crown". Strangely, Bayern’s official rumors have not been seen. Instead, sports director Salihamidzic refused to answer when questioned by the media. Board chairman Rummenigge stated that “Bayern has no job guarantees for anyone.”

实际上,早在上赛季末,外界就已经抓住了拜仁的内部分歧。例如,许多媒体都透露,科瓦奇将在赛季结束后“解雇下课”。 “ Spox”和Goal.net甚至表示,拜仁已决定解雇科瓦奇,无论它是否赢得了“双冠王”。奇怪的是,没有看到拜仁官方的传言。相反,体育总监萨利哈米季奇(Salihamidzic)在受到媒体质疑时拒绝回答。董事会主席鲁门尼格(Rummenigge)表示:“拜仁对任何人都没有工作保障。”

Since then, although the then chairman Hoeness reassures Kovac after Bayern won the "double crown" last season, the feeling of the media is still that the performance of Koch Bayern in the first quarter did not completely conquer the Bayern high-level. Especially in the Champions League elimination and facing Liverpool, whether it is actively showing weakness or tactically losing, all make the seniors doubt whether Kovac has the ability to control Bayern's giant team (the double crown is more like a counterpart). So coming to the summer transfer market, not only did Kovacs have no say, Bayern ended up just getting up early but rushing to the late episode.


After finalizing Paval and Lucas early, Bayern hit a wall everywhere in the transfer market, especially Sane's pre-season serious injury caused Bayern to encounter the embarrassment of "fighting with a bamboo basket." Seeing the start of the new season, Rummenigge, who has the best connections in Europe, has finally "fired", completed two loans of Perisic and Coutinho one after another, and signed the potential teenager Kusanz. It’s just that for Bayern, which has built the "two wings" tactics in the past ten years, these remedial signings obviously do not meet the fundamental needs of the team. Not only is the successor of "Roberg" not in place, but the number of first-team players is even more in the Bundesliga. least.


In such a contradiction, perhaps it is the self-confidence brought by the previous "double crown", or the eagerness to prove himself in front of the high-level. Since the new season, Kovac has gone farther and farther and more extreme on the road of "science". First of all, during the pre-season preparation period, he publicly announced that he would abandon the previous 4231 system, and instead return to the three midfielder system that proved to be a failure during the Ancelotti period; afterwards, as Coutinho joined the team, he fell into " Use it like a bet on Kubird dependence. It seems to prove that you can make good use of the 10th player. It's just that after Bayern's smooth sailing at the beginning of the season, a series of problems and hidden dangers inevitably show up.


Just as Coutinho joined Bayern, perhaps he would not have thought that he would be the core midfielder for 9 consecutive league and Champions League starting games, so that the most basic rotation rest has not been realized. You know, the Brazilian midfielder just participated in the America's Cup this summer and won the championship. He didn't come to Bayern until the start of the season without pre-season preparations, not to mention that he played with the national team on the international game day during the season. ...

就像库蒂尼奥加盟拜仁一样,也许他不会想到自己将成为连续9场联赛和冠军联赛首发比赛的核心中场球员,因此最基本的轮换休息尚未实现。您知道,这位巴西中场球员今年夏天刚刚参加美洲杯并获得冠军。没有赛季前的准备,他直到赛季开始才来到拜仁,更不用说他在赛季的国际比赛日与国家队一起比赛。 ...

However, Kovac's irrational use fueled by such an outburst is just a microcosm of many problems. After the start of the season, Kovac's attitude towards player rotation went from one extreme to the other. The rotation rate dropped from 32.3% in the first 11 rounds last year to 18.7%. At the same time, the team’s constantly adjusting and experimenting tactical system became more and more unfamiliar. The meritorious players Muller, Martinez and others were completely ignored. However, Lewand had to seek inguinal hernia surgery due to excessive physical exertion. A scene where Vin Martinez was sad and weeping.

但是,科瓦奇在这种爆发中的不合理使用只是许多问题的缩影。赛季开始后,科瓦奇对球员轮换的态度从一个极端转到另一个极端。轮换率从去年前11轮的32.3%下降到18.7%。同时,团队不断调整和尝试的战术系统变得越来越陌生。有功的球员穆勒,马丁内斯和其他人被完全忽略了。然而,由于过度的体力消耗,勒万德不得不进行腹股沟疝气手术。 Vin Martinez悲伤而哭泣的场景。

This is just the beginning of Bayern’s rise and fall. Since then, for the first time in his career, Muller, who served as a substitute for 6 consecutive games, expressed the possibility of leaving Bayern in an interview with "Kicker", and Bayern, who had reversed tactics, was struggling in the arena. For example, the newly promoted Berlin United would like to thank Noy Er saved a penalty, and the German Cup 2-1 eliminated the German second relegation team Bochum until the last minute to complete the reversal. At this time, the team has failed to zero in 7 consecutive games. The captain Neuer said with great anger: " The way we play is sad and disappointing!"

这仅仅是拜仁兴衰的开始。从那以后,连续六场比赛的替补球员穆勒(Muller)表示有可能离开拜仁接受《踢球》的采访,而扭转战术的拜仁则在赛场上挣扎。 。例如,新晋升的柏林联队要感谢Noy Er挽救了点球,德国杯2-1淘汰了德国第二名保级球队波鸿,直到最后一分钟才完成了逆转。目前,这支球队在连续7场比赛中均未达到零。诺伊尔队长大怒地说道:“我们的比赛方式令人沮丧和令人失望!”

In all fairness, as a Bayern player-born coach, Kovac’s affection for Bayern is beyond doubt (for example, he was the first coach to join the We Kick Corona donation activity of the “magnetic card machine”), and he has worked hard as the Bayern coach. However, the radical tactical experiment adopted for self-righteousness was ultimately not quick. The metaphor of the off-court behavior such as the unfavorable signing of the team's top management made the contradiction completely public. As a result, when Bayern defeated Frankfurt 1-5 in the 10th round of the Bundesliga this season, the Bayern executives who were skeptical of Kovac decisively made a decisive decision to heal their injuries-Kovac ushered in "get out of class" Notice.

平心而论,作为一名拜仁球员而生的教练,科瓦奇对拜仁的热爱是毋庸置疑的(例如,他是第一位参加“磁卡机”的We Kick Corona捐赠活动的教练),并且他一直在努力作为拜仁教练。但是,为自以为是所采取的激进战术实验最终并不迅速。诸如场外行为的隐喻(例如团队高层管理人员的不利签约)使矛盾完全公开。结果,当拜仁本赛季在德甲第10轮中以1-5击败法兰克福时,对科瓦奇持怀疑态度的拜耳高管果断地做出了决定性的决定,以治愈他们的伤病-科瓦奇迎来了“下车”通知。

In a critical moment, who is taking over the Bayern leadership? That's right, it was Flick who appeased Martinez in the previous picture. At this time, the outside world began to examine the assistant who entered Bayern’s coaching staff this season: as a player, Flick played for Bayern for 5 years, and his head coach at the time was the famous coach Heynckes; after he retired, he coached. Low-level Huo Cun's Flick led the team to knock out Leverkusen in the German Cup. Since then, Frick, who has become an assistant coach of the German team, offered advice and suggestions to help the German team win the World Cup in Brazil.


Gen Zhengmiaohong, Haishuai disciple, champion assistant, check and balance Loew... Seeing these labels on Flick, it is not difficult to understand why the top Bayern leaders retreated after the meritorious assistant Herman succeeded in doing so last summer Flick, who is at home, is invited. On the one hand, Frick’s rich tactical skills and assistant coaching experience are worthy of trust; on the other hand, the team’s coaching staff urgently needs to check and balance Kovac’s personnel strength and reserve, but they don’t want a period of football to really be staged— -This outsider who had been operating a "commercial store" in his hometown two years ago has become Bayern's key to turning the tide this season.

郑帅宏,海帅门徒,冠军助理,检查和平衡Loew ...看到弗利克的这些标签,不难理解为什么在功勋出色的助手赫尔曼去年夏天成功做到这一点后,拜仁最高领导人为何退缩家,被邀请。一方面,弗里克丰富的战术技巧和助理教练经验值得信赖;另一方面另一方面,球队的教练组迫切需要检查和平衡科瓦奇的人员实力和后备力量,但他们不希望真正上演一段足球比赛-这个在他的商店里经营“商业商店”的局外人两年前的家乡成为拜仁扭转本赛季潮流的关键。

When Bayern is on the right track as a whole, the players on the court are naturally a fish in the water: the "20,000" combination that shows strong combat power, Kimmich who has improved the position of the midfielder, Gretzka who has continued to improve significantly, and Pawar + Bo who are getting better Ateng + Alaba + Davis defensive line combination (Boateng shines in the second spring, Alaba plays as a central defender). Of course, the young general's turnout cannot be ignored here. The 19-year-old Davis has shocked the entire football world, not only the stealing data tops the team, the super physical fitness and "burst point" attributes are being regarded as the best left-back in the future; another teenager Zilkeze It proves that "the hero has been born as a boy since ancient times", and the winning goals after consecutive substitutions not only helped the team score key points, but also became the third young Bundesliga goal player in team history.

当拜仁整体上处于正确的轨道上时,场上的球员自然是水中的一条鱼:显示出强大战斗力的“ 20,000”组合,改善了中场位置的Kimmich,以及继续发挥作用的Gretzka进步显着,Pawar + Bo的球员Ateng + Alaba + Davis的防守线组合越来越好(Boateng在第二个春天闪耀,Alaba担任中后卫)。当然,年轻将军的参与人数在这里不容忽视。 19岁的戴维斯(Davis)震惊了整个足球世界,不仅窃取数据高居团队首位,超强的身体素质和“爆发点”属性也被视为未来最好的左后卫;另一个少年Zilkeze证明“英雄从远古时代就诞生了”,连续换人后的获胜进球不仅帮助球队取得了关键分,而且成为球队历史上第三位年轻的德甲进球者。

"I will be 32 years old in August, but that doesn't mean I feel old." As stated in an interview with "French Football" recently, Lewand, who has passed the year, has shown his history this season. The best since. In addition to being promoted to the third captain, he assumed the responsibility of leading the team, and led the team forward with one goal. In 2019, Lewandez scored 54 goals in 58 games throughout the year, overpowering Messi and Ronaldo to become the European football player with the most goals of the year. In fact, if it were not for the last truce of the Champions League this season, Lewandg could have broken the Champions League group stage scoring record.


Coming to the second half of the league, the suspension of the game allowed Lewand, who suffered a left knee tibia fracture and was injured for 4 weeks, to catch up with the Bundesliga semi-finals and continue to show his shooter style, thus successfully breaking his Bundesliga goal record. At present, Lewandez, who scored 46 goals in 40 appearances this season, is occupying the top scorer list in the Bundesliga, the Champions League and the German Cup. In Bayern’s away win against the Red Stars in Belgrade, he created the most in the history of the Champions League in just 14 minutes. Fast "big four" record.


In addition, Lewand’s scoring rate (the ratio of the number of goals scored to the number of appearances) this season is as high as 82.5%, which is the highest data in European football since the 21st century. Although Immobile was chased by Immobile in the European Golden Boot rankings, Lewand’s brilliant performance this season is obvious to all, and there is more support for Lewandre to compete for the Golden Globes this year. In this regard, Lewandre said modestly: "I have not considered the Golden Globe Award, even if I believe that anything is possible in life. All I have to do is show my best condition, win trophies, and score more goals..."

此外,本赛季勒万德的得分率(进球数与出场次数之比)高达82.5%,这是自21世纪以来欧洲足球最高的数据。尽管Immobile在“欧洲金靴奖”排行榜中被Immobile追赶,但勒万德本赛季的出色表现对所有人来说都是显而易见的,而且勒万德雷今年也有望获得更多金球奖的支持。在这方面,勒万德雷谦虚地说:“即使我相信生活中有一切可能,我也没有考虑过金球奖。我要做的就是展现自己的最佳状态,赢得奖杯并进球更多…… ”

Seeing Lewand’s continuous goals, obviously the support of teammate Mueller cannot be ignored. Since joining hands in 2014, Lewand and Muller have scored 55 "connected" goals, and more than half of Muller's assists have been dedicated to striker partner Lewand. Coming to this season, with Flick taking over the Bayern coach, the former love of Mueller not only returned to the main lineup, but also returned to the familiar shadow forward position, and then watched Mueller’s superb master-level performances, I don’t know how many. Bayern fans moistened their eyes for this?


With age and maturity, Muller nowadays is no longer relying on the shooter waiting for his teammates to "feed" in front of the goal, but with the help of super game reading ability, ability to observe teammates and ability to move without the ball on the offensive end. Play a more important and comprehensive role, which allows the Bundesliga official website to write an article specifically to explain why Mueller is called the best "spatial reader". So far this season, Mueller has completed 20 assists. On the basis of refreshing his personal data, he is also expected to break the Bundesliga historical record. I just don't know if Love saw it?


This is what Bayern has created, a Bundesliga season that is far richer than the championship.


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