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In December 2010, the United Kingdom was very cold-since the Met Office began recording climate change a hundred years ago, the United Kingdom ushered in the coldest winter. Affected by extreme weather, roads are blocked and airports are closed, even people’s Christmas shopping has been severely hit. Seven Premier League games were postponed to the weekend before Christmas, and only the home games of Northern clubs Sunderland and Blackburn started as scheduled.

2010年12月,由于英国气象局(Met Office)记录了一百年前的气候变化,英国非常寒冷,英国迎来了最寒冷的冬天。亚博yabo手机受极端天气的影响,道路被封锁,机场关闭,甚至人们的圣诞节购物也受到严重打击。七场英超联赛比赛推迟到圣诞节之前的周末,只有北方俱乐部桑德兰和布莱克本的主场比赛如期开始。

On a Monday night after the rain, before a match between Manchester City and Everton, As Sky Sports commentators, Andy Gray and Richard Case sat in the broadcast room. As many Premier League games on the weekend were postponed, they didn't have much to talk about, so they turned their attention to Messi, who was shortlisted for the finalists for the Golden Globes.


Andy Gray threw a "famous saying": "If Messi played at the Britannia Stadium (note: Stoke City home), he will struggle." "If Barcelona play in the Premier League, they will also be struggling. They have never encountered opponents like Stoke City and Blackburn."

安迪·格雷(Andy Gray)抛出了一句“著名的谚语”:“如果梅西在不列颠尼亚体育场(注:斯托克城的主场)踢球,他将会挣扎。” “如果巴塞罗那参加英超联赛,他们也将陷入困境。他们从未遇到过斯托克城和布莱克本这样的对手。”

Even if you strongly disagree with Gray's point of view, you can understand why he said that. At the time, Stoke City under the coach of Tony Pulis had a group of excellent players in physical confrontation, such as Shawcross, Hut, Andy Wilkinson, Dean Whitehead and Jonathan Walters. Gray felt that it was difficult for Messi to gain a foothold in the intense physical confrontation of the Premier League.

即使您完全不同意格雷的观点,您也可以理解他为什么这么说。当时,在托尼·普利斯(Tony Pulis)的指导下,斯托克城(Stoke City)在身体对抗中拥有一批出色的球员,例如肖克罗斯,小屋,安迪·威尔金森,迪恩·怀特海德和乔纳森·沃尔特斯。格雷认为,梅西很难在英超激烈的身体对抗中站稳脚跟。

This idea is ridiculous, right? Although it has always been claimed that Messi is a system player and can only succeed in the team (Barça) that builds a system around him, it is more like the assertion that Messi cannot score at home in the cold Stoke City or Blackburn It is the "high-level theory" of the members of the Horizon Association.


In the past ten years, if Messi joins Manchester City, Chelsea or any other top giants, does anyone really think he will be struggling? Like many other South American players, Messi may find it difficult to adapt to life in England off the court. But as long as Messi is on the court, how can you hide his light?


"Then why didn't he come to prove it?" The skeptic would ask, "Why did he stay in Barcelona's comfort zone and never change the league to prove himself?"


why? Because Barcelona is a coastal city in Spain, Messi and his family live happily there. With his extraordinary football talent, Messi won 10 La Liga trophies and 4 Champions League trophies with Barcelona, ​​scoring hundreds of goals. Of course, this is also where he enjoys a favorable contract and locker room rights in Barcelona. The "comfort zone" argument has been greatly exaggerated-whenever Barcelona loses a game, Messi seems to shoulder the burden of Catalonia-but he does have everything he wants. That being the case, why did Messi join another team? Is it just to refute the views of "experts" on TV and social media?

为什么?由于巴塞罗那是西班牙的一个沿海城市,梅西和他的家人在这里过着幸福的生活。凭借出色的足球天赋,梅西凭借巴塞罗那赢得了10项西甲奖杯和4项冠军联赛奖杯,进球数达到了数百个。当然,这也是他在巴塞罗那享有有利的合同和更衣室权利的地方。 “舒适区”的论点被大大地夸大了-每当巴萨输掉一场比赛时,梅西似乎都承担着加泰罗尼亚的重担,但他确实拥有了他想要的一切。既然如此,梅西为什么要加入另一个团队?仅仅是在电视和社交媒体上反驳“专家”的观点吗?

For many years, Messi seems to have no reason to consider leaving Barcelona. Until now.


Messi is 33 years old, and some people think that his career may have been or is about to start to decline. Last season, Messi scored 31 goals in the club's various competitions, this data is the "lowest level" of the 2007-08 season so far, but he also received 26 assists, a record for the highest number of assists in a single season. Like Ronaldo, Messi has been able to succeed for many years not only because he has maintained an incredible competitive state, but also because he is constantly "evolving" and changing his playing style.


Last season, Messi completed 195 dribbles in La Liga, ranking first among all players in the five major European leagues. Some people will say that Messi may not be able to display his dribbling talents in the Premier League, but the top ten European league players in dribbling times last season were second (Zahha), third (Traore), and fifth ( Buendia), sixth (Saint Maxime) and ninth (Raymond) all play for the Premier League team... This not only shows that players who are good at dribbling have room to play in the Premier League, but also show that Many people imagine it is different. Compared with the Premier League, it may be more difficult for players to complete dribbling in La Liga.

上赛季,梅西在西甲联赛中完成了195次运球,在欧洲五个主要联赛的所有球员中排名第一。有人会说梅西可能无法在英超联赛中展示他的运球天赋,但是上赛季运球次数最多的欧洲联赛前十名分别是第二名(Zahha),第三名(Traore)和第五名(Buendia),第六名圣马克西姆(Saint Maxime)和第九名(雷蒙德)(Raymond)都为英超球队效力。这不仅表明擅长运球的球员在英超联赛中有发挥的空间,而且还表明许多人认为这是不同的。与英超联赛相比,球员在西甲完成运球可能会更加困难。

If Messi comes to the Premier League, besides the passage of time, what else can stop him from slowing down? climate? court? Scary defensive player? The Premier League does have some defenders who like physical confrontation, but it is no longer the "brown brother" league many years ago.


In 2016, Guardiola asked: "What is a tackle?" After Manchester City's defeat in Leicester City in 2016, the Premier League is no longer as vicious as Roy Keane or David Barty. Fight for famous players. Last season, Leicester City completed an average of 19.5 tackles per game, ranking first among all Premier League teams. For comparison, in the 2010-11 season, 14 Premier League teams averaged more than 19.5 tackles per game. In the 2010-11 season, 15 Premier League players completed at least 100 tackles. Last season, only 4 Premier League players had a total of 100 tackles. They were Wan-Bissaka, Endidi, and Pereira. And Declan Rice.

在2016年,瓜迪奥拉问道:“什么是铲球?”在2016年曼彻斯特城在莱斯特城击败后,英超联赛不再像罗伊·基恩或大卫·巴蒂那样残酷。为著名玩家而战。上个赛季,莱斯特城平均每场完成19.5次铲球,在所有英超联赛球队中排名第一。相比之下,在2010-11赛季,英超联赛的14支球队每场平均铲球超过19.5个。在2010-11赛季,英超联赛的15名球员完成了至少100次铲球。上个赛季,只有4名英超联赛球员共有100个铲球。他们是Wan-Bissaka,Endidi和Pereira。和Declan Rice。

By the way, do you know the success rate of Getafe's passes in La Liga last season? Only 69.1%. In the Premier League team, Burnley ranked bottom last season, but it also reached 70%. In the last season, the team coached by De Qi only ate 67 yellow cards (0 red cards), but Getafe got 131 yellow cards and 7 red cards. What does this show? Will Spanish TV commentators worry that La Liga players are too rough? If De Bruyne or Salah goes to La Liga to play, they will probably be abolished by the defender?

顺便说一句,您知道上个赛季赫塔菲在西甲的传球成功率吗?只有69.1%。在英超球队中,伯恩利上赛季排名倒数第二,但也达到了70%。在上个赛季,由德奇(De Qi)执教的球队只吃了67张黄牌(0张红牌),但赫塔菲获得131张黄牌和7张红牌。这说明什么?西班牙电视评论员会担心西甲球员过于粗暴吗?如果De Bruyne或Salah去西甲踢球,他们可能会被后卫淘汰吗?

It is undeniable that there are indeed some very talented players who find it difficult to adjust themselves to the requirements of the Premier League. But that is often because they have joined a club that has not really considered how they should be used. Di Maria is a typical example. During his time at Manchester United, Di Maria was called a "parallel import" by some fans, but whether in Benfica, Real Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain, his performance was very good. In the 2014-15 season, the reason Di Maria suffered a dissatisfaction in the Premier League was probably because Van Gaal, the then Manchester United coach, failed to find the right way to use him.

不可否认的是,确实有一些非常有才华的球员发现很难适应英超的要求。但这通常是因为他们加入了一个尚未真正考虑过如何使用它们的俱乐部。迪·玛丽亚(Di Maria)是一个典型的例子。在曼彻斯特联队期间,迪玛利亚被一些球迷称为“平行进口”,但无论是在本菲卡,皇马还是巴黎圣日耳曼,他的表现都非常出色。在2014-15赛季,迪·玛丽亚(Di Maria)在英超联赛中感到不满的原因可能是因为当时的曼联教练范加尔(Van Gaal)无法找到正确的使用方式。

In 2010, when David Silva moved from Valencia to Manchester City, some people questioned that his body was not enough to cope with the intense confrontation of the Premier League. But in the past ten years, David Silva has become one of the best players in the entire Premier League. In the summer of 2012, Hazard, who joined Chelsea from Lille, was also questioned that his body was too thin... To some extent, Premier League fans wanted them to become "tougher". Messi is not the same: he is already in He has accumulated rich experience in the confrontation with many strong defenders in La Liga.

2010年,大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)从瓦伦西亚(Valencia)搬到曼城时,有人质疑他的身体不足以应付英超联赛的激烈对抗。但是在过去十年中,大卫席尔瓦(David Silva)已成为整个英超联赛中最好的球员之一。在2012年夏天,从里尔(Lille)加入切尔西(Chelsea)的哈扎德(Hazard)也被问到他的身体太瘦了……在某种程度上,英超球迷希望他们变得“更坚强”。梅西已经不一样了:他已经在与西甲许多强大后卫的对抗中积累了丰富的经验。

Interestingly, Manchester City coach Guardiola also faced similar doubts: "He may be able to lead the team to success in Spain and Germany, but if he comes to the Premier League, he will be scared." Guardiola really Are you scared? In his second and third seasons in charge of Manchester City, this team almost never lost points in the league and played a pleasing style. Until last season, because Manchester City's record failed to meet expectations, the level association people woke up again. "Look? I've said it a long time ago that his approach simply doesn't work in the Premier League."

有趣的是,曼城教练瓜迪奥拉也面临着类似的疑问:“他也许能够带领球队在西班牙和德国取得成功,但是如果他加入英超联赛,他将会感到恐惧。”瓜迪奥拉真的很害怕吗?在负责曼城的第二个和第三个赛季中,这支球队几乎从未在联赛中失分过,表现出令人愉悦的风格。直到上个赛季,由于曼城的战绩未能达到预期,协会级别的人们再次苏醒。 “看?我很久以前就说过,他的做法在英超联赛中根本行不通。”

Andy Gray's evaluation of Messi was too untenable. Messi played 34 UEFA Champions League games on behalf of Barcelona and the Premier League team, scoring 26 goals-you know, the Premier League teams entering the Champions League are all giants, and the winters in Manchester and London are quite cold...

安迪·格雷(Andy Gray)对梅西的评价是站不住脚的。梅西代表巴塞罗那和英超球队参加了34场欧洲冠军联赛比赛,打进26球-你知道,进入欧冠的英超球队都是巨人,曼彻斯特和伦敦的冬天非常寒冷...

The question now is, if Messi decides to leave Barcelona, ​​his "second hometown", is he willing to live in a city he is not familiar with, Manchester, London, France, Germany or Italy? After all, Messi has never expressed his desire to prove himself in England, Germany or Italy, or to shut up the "experts" on social media.


Does Manchester City really need the 33-year-old Messi? Maybe not. But if there is a chance, the Manchester City club seniors, Guardiola and Messi should not want to miss it. For the fans, Guardiola and Messi are reunited again in the Premier League.


In the past ten years, Messi has achieved unparalleled achievements. Messi is one of the greatest players ever, and many fans even think he is the best in history... Messi does not need to go to the Premier League to prove it-otherwise he would have come long ago instead of waiting until now . But in any case, we are all looking forward to seeing Messi show his talents in the Premier League, breaking one of the stupidest assumptions in football history, rather than being "unrecognizable" as some people think.


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