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亚博yabo手机登录-争四6分战!逆袭的重庆这次要保位置 只有一条路
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亚博yabo手机登录-争四6分战!逆袭的重庆这次要保位置 只有一条路

   Article source: Football News






In the six-point battle with Wuhan Zall, Chongqing Contemporary had a small victory with 1 goal. This game was not a hearty game, nor was it the most beautiful battle that Chongqing played this season, but it was indeed the most difficult for the team to win. Also the most valuable game. From the beginning of the league, the Chongqing All-China class challenged, and after the recovery of foreign aid, the team experienced five rounds of invincible troughs, and there was too much embarrassment of playing a 30-foot shot at a goal. After all the pressure has become the driving force, what is ushered in is the explosion of Chongqing Contemporary. A wave of four consecutive victories allowed the team to gradually come to the third place in the group.


   Before the match against Wuhan, everyone knew the importance of this match, but no one dared to show their nervous inner state on their faces. Only by winning this tough opponent, the team will have the possibility of finally competing for the top four. In fact, for the opponents, the meaning of this game is the same. Chongqing has suffered a lot of "losses" on the issue of foreign aid. Fortunately, when the opponents are experiencing fatigue and injuries, the overall state of Chongqing's personnel has achieved To be the best, this also adds a lot of confidence to the players to compete for the top four. Three foreign players scored in a row. Such a beautiful scene would only happen to strong teams such as SIPG and Guoan, but it was staged twice in a row for the civilian team of Chongqing Modern Times.


   With confidence and determination, Chongqing finally played against Wuhan Zall. The game was not as smooth as the outside world imagined, but it was in Zhang Wailong's expectation. Attacking and defending cautiously, not wasting opportunities, and not giving opponents the space to make mistakes, this has become the key to the team's victory. But more importantly, each player resisted Wuhan Zall's tenacious attack in the final stage of exhaustion. This state has almost exceeded the physical load of the players. They are not "superman", but they have a will beyond ordinary people.


   The physical consumption of the Chongqing players in the match against Wuhan was huge. Many players slumped directly on the turf after the match. Before the match with Yongchang, they only had two days of rest. In these two days, they can only rest and recover the players. After all, the real decisive battle has not yet arrived.




Winning Wuhan, Chongqing won the initiative to compete for the top four, but this initiative is not really "active", it just allows the team to temporarily enter the top four rankings, but also relying on the victory and loss between China and China Relationship, the same score ranks third. The team behind is still chasing after the points gap is not big. There are still two rounds left in the first stage, and all the teams are holding their last breath to make it into the top four.


   It is imperative for Chongqing Modern to stay in the top four and win Shijiazhuang Yongchang. Currently in Group A, the teams competing for the top four and bottom two seats include Chongqing Dangdai, China Fortune Land Development, Shijiazhuang Yongchang and Wuhan Zall. Among them, Chongqing Dangdai and Huaxia Fortune have the same score of 18 points, temporarily ranking third and fourth, and Yongchang and Zall, ranked fifth and sixth, accumulating 17 and 16 points respectively, which is the difference between the third and sixth places. With only 2 points, a game can change the ranking, not to mention the league has two rounds left.


China Fortune Land Development will face Wuhan Zall and Qingdao Huanghai. If they are unbeaten in the two games, their points will exceed Chongqing. Yongchang and Chongqing will have a direct dialogue, and then they will face Beijing Guoan. For them, Chongqing will also It is also their last hope to compete for the top four; Wuhan Zall, who is ranked slightly lower, will finally face China Fortune and Tianjin Teda respectively. If they score 3 points in both games, they will have to look at the results of the top three teams to decide. Whether to enter the top four.


Chongqing’s opponents in the last two rounds are Yongchang and SIPG. Like Shijiazhuang Yongchang, it’s difficult for the team to win SIPG in the final round. They can only take three points from Yongchang and watch other four-rival matches. result. In any case, this game against Yongchang shows that the difficulty will not be less than that of the last round and Zall. The players of Chongqing Modern do not dare to relax in the spirit, because this round of competition is the real decisive battle, and if they lose, they will lose all their achievements.


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