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【亚博yabo手机】恒大要放松了?别忘9年前许家印的愤怒 提防伤病
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【亚博yabo手机】恒大要放松了?别忘9年前许家印的愤怒 提防伤病

   Article source: Football News




The current Evergrande can indeed take a break and enjoy the cool autumn in Dalian. At present, Cannavaro has to practice with the game to maintain the status of the players, and the other is not to let injuries interfere with their championship process. After all, After the Heng Daquan team returns to the hot Guangzhou next week for a short break, they will have to pick up their bags and head to Suzhou. The final battle is the final battlefield.


Cannavaro said at the pre-match press conference: "The first stage of the game is almost over, and now more than 60 days have passed. Due to the schedule, we will play 3 games in the last few days of this week, although the following games will score points for us. The position of the ranking has no effect, but as the head coach of the Evergrande team, we still hope that the players will have a good performance in the game, be invested in the game, and be eager to win. Of course, we will make the previous game time short And those with fewer appearances may have more appearances in the game. Luo Guofu is one of them. He may not have recovered well before due to physical reasons. He will also appear tomorrow. There are other games that have fewer appearances before. The players will get a chance. We are also looking forward to the match against Suning, because they are in second place and they are a strong team, so we can't take it lightly."


  The running distance is the lowest in the season


   In the last round of the league, Evergrande defeated Jianye 2-1 with Exxon’s penalty kick and Paulinho’s goal, and was able to secure the top spot in the Super League Group A two rounds in advance.


However, looking at the progress of the game, Evergrande’s win was not easy. In addition to being caught by Zhang Linpeng and scoring a goal by Ivo, Jianye also fully gained the initiative on the field during the second half of the game and was on the offensive. The upper hand suppressed the opponent, but fortunately, the defense line led by Park Zhizhu and Jiang Guangtai withstood the pressure. Liu Dianzuo even saved Kalanga's penalty to secure Evergrande's three-pointer.


It’s no wonder that Cannavaro said after the game: “I was still worried before the game. First of all, the first stage of the game came to an end and the players’ attention dropped. The other was that Jianye’s ranking was relatively low and the players’ investment There may also be some problems with the degree. After two goals, I wanted to easily control the game, but the players were too relaxed and the game became tense. In general, Jianye performed well and our team did not play very well. ."

难怪卡纳瓦罗在赛后说:“赛前我仍然很担心。首先,游戏的第一阶段结束,玩家的注意力下降了。另一个原因是建业的排名相对较低,并且玩家的投资程度也可能存在一些问题。经过两个进球,我想轻松地控制比赛,但球员们过于放松,比赛变得紧张起来。总体而言,建业表现不错,而我们的球队表现也不佳。 。”





The first round of confrontation with Suning can be said to be the most interesting focus of the Super League at that time. At that time, the Super League had just finished the fifth round. Evergrande returned to the top of Group A with 12 points, while Suning followed him with 10 points. After that, as long as he defeats the defending champion, Suning can taste the first place after the fourth round. If Evergrande wins, it will completely open the lead.


And this first battle has become one of Evergrande’s most challenging games this season. Evergrande broke the game first. It was a breakthrough from Yang Liyu and a foul by Suning right back Hemiti, which gave Evergrande a penalty kick. , Exxon brought the team a lead.

这场首战已经成为恒大本赛季最具挑战性的比赛之一。恒大首先打破了比赛。这是杨立宇的突破,是苏宁对后卫海米蒂的犯规,这给恒大开了个点球。 ,埃克森美孚率领团队。

But then the defense general Zhang Linpeng recklessly received the second yellow card, resulting in the next 60 minutes of the game, Evergrande could only challenge with 10 players. When he left the field, an angry Cannavaro pointed to his head and faced Zhang Linpeng. The phrase "nothing inside" can also be seen that Kashuai values ​​this battle so much. After all, against a powerful opponent, there are not many opportunities to really create, and the test is to make fewer mistakes. .

但是随后国防将军张林鹏不顾一切地获得了第二张黄牌,导致比赛的接下来60分钟,恒大只能挑战10名选手。当他离开田野时,一个愤怒的Cannavaro指着他的头,面对着张林鹏。也可以看到``里面什么都没有''这句话,表明卡舒艾非常重视这场战斗。毕竟,面对强大的对手,真正创造的机会并不多,而测试的目的是减少犯错误的机会。 。

Of course, after the game, the two masters and apprentices were naturally relieved. Cannavaro publicly expressed his apologies to Zhang Linpeng. Zhang Linpeng also said: "It may be digested in one day. At that time, I did not take what he said. At the end of the game, I was still thinking about things on the field. I didn’t pay attention to what Cashuai said. I might have been relieved when I returned to the locker room. As for those two balls, Cashuai also said that maybe I was more impulsive, but I didn’t. There is no emotional change."


With one less player, Cannavaro made a series of substitutions so that Evergrande could still grit his teeth when he was equalized, and then waited for the gift from Suning goalkeeper Gu Chao to let Paulinho in. Beat the opponent in stoppage time.


The first round of confrontation with Evergrande was difficult to win, but at any rate, it won three points. This first battle may reflect the gap between Evergrande and the general strong team. When the bayonet is popular, Evergrande can always laugh with the domineering accumulated over the years. At last.




   After a month’s lapse of another match, Evergrande has secured the top spot in Group A. The last two rounds are just routine. No matter the outcome, it will not affect Evergrande’s position in the standings, but Evergrande will still go all out. Cannavaro said, “If we are determined to enter the championship group, we will not welcome the game with the strongest lineup, that is disrespect and unfair to the opponent. There will be a second stage of the game next, not to say Everything is over, and there are many things we need to consider."




In the case of still going all out, Cannavaro still has a lot of room to rotate and inspect players. At this pre-match press conference, Cannavaro brought Luo Guofu to participate. He said: "We will let the previous games Those with short time and fewer appearances may have more appearances in the game. Luo Guofu is one of them. He may not have recovered well before due to physical reasons. He will also appear tomorrow. There will be other previous appearances in the remaining games. Fewer players will get a chance."


   Luo Guofu was suspended in the last round of the Super League and came back from the suspension. Before that, he played in the Football Association Cup and sent a goal and assist. His performance is remarkable.


On the defensive line, the foreign aid central defender Park Zhizhu also played more than 1,000 minutes. He is the player with the most minutes except Paulinho and Liu Dianzuo. It is believed that the Koreans will have the opportunity to take turns in the next two rounds, and the general Mei Fang You can also get more playing time to stay in shape.

在防守线上,外援中央后卫朴志柱也打了1000多分钟。除了Paulinho和Liu Dianzuo之外,他是上场时间最多的球员。相信韩国人将有机会在接下来的两轮比赛中轮流转战,而梅芳尤将军也可以获得更多的比赛时间来保持体形。

In the pre-match training against Jianye last round, Li Xuepeng, who has been troubled by injuries, appeared on the training ground. Although he could only continue to recover from the sidelines, it also allowed the outside world to see the possibility of his comeback in the championship phase. And Wei Shihao The two generals and Talisca did not show up on the training ground, and only stayed indoors to continue to recover. I believe that the two will also wait until the second stage before returning.




   Yesterday, Chinese Football Association Chairman Chen Xuyuan and National Football Coach Li Tie entered the blue zone of the Dalian Division and took a photo with the coach of the eight teams in the division. Chen Xuyuan took Li Tie to work on site and communicated directly with the coaches of these eight teams. This is very important for the national team and the club. ? Cannavaro is very supportive of this. He said, "It is not the first time that I have made such a suggestion that the leaders of the Football Association or the national team coaches can communicate more with other club coaches and establish a smoother communication mechanism. This is normal in Europe. We. The conversation time is also relatively long, and each coach also has his own ideas, or what can be improved and what can be done better. We have all issued our own suggestions. The meeting yesterday was very successful and will It has a very good effect. Everyone has combined their own ideas and the current situation to express their own opinions. Then yesterday's meeting coaches of many nationalities participated, and they all gave corresponding suggestions according to their country's football system. "

昨天,中国足协主席陈旭元和国家足球教练李铁进入大连分区的蓝区,并与该部门八支球队的教练合影。陈旭元带李铁到现场工作,并直接与这八支球队的教练进行了交流。这对于国家队和俱乐部来说非常重要。 ?卡纳瓦罗对此非常支持。他说:“我不是第一次提出这样的建议,那就是足球协会的领导人或国家队教练可以与其他俱乐部教练进行更多的交亚博yabo手机登录流,并建立更顺畅的交流机制。在欧洲,这是正常的。我们对话时间也比较长,每个教练也有自己的想法,或者有什么改进的地方,有什么改进的地方,我们都发表了自己的建议,昨天的会议非常成功,会效果很好。每个人都结合了自己的想法和现状表达自己的意见。然后,昨天参加比赛的各民族的教练都根据国家的足球制度提出了相应的建议。”

Regarding the national team training, Cannavaro said: Originally we planned to have enough time for two weeks to prepare, but in the future there will be players going to the national team, so we may have less time left for the national team training team in the future. At that time, the players we stay in the team may train more and increase their intensity.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that the central defender Jiang Guangtai has the qualifications to change membership after the implementation of the new naturalization policy by FIFA. Recently, the Chinese Football Association has supplemented the FIFA Player Identification Department with "certificates of Jiang Guangtai and other naturalized players. Materials", after the ruling is implemented in the near future, Jiang Guangtai will be eligible to represent the national football team.


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