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亚博yabo手机登录|中超13轮最佳阵容:阿德里安戴帽 郜林领衔本土6将
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亚博yabo手机登录|中超13轮最佳阵容:阿德里安戴帽 郜林领衔本土6将

In the 13th round of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League, Adrian staged a hat-trick and led the generation to a record 5-game winning streak; Malkang continued his status and China Fortune locked in the top four of the group ahead of schedule; Gao Lin, Peng Xinli and teenager Zhou Junchen Other local players also have outstanding performance. The following is the 13th round of the Chinese Super League team (3-5-2) selected by Sina Sports——

在2020年中国超级联赛第一阶段的第13轮中,阿德里安(Adrian)上演了帽子戏法,并带领这一代人取得了创纪录的5连胜。 Malkang继续担任职务,《中国财富》提前排在该集团的前四名。高林,彭新立和少年周俊臣其他本地球员也有出色表现。以下是新浪体育评选的中国超级联赛第十三轮(3-5-2)-



   Malcon scored a goal and sent out an assist in the match against Drow, driving China Fortune to lock the top four in the group. He has scored in the last 5 games and the total number of goals this season has increased to 9 goals. He is the most outstanding center in the Super League at this stage.


   Gao Lin scored a goal to seal the victory for Kaisa in the match against Dalian. This was his fifth goal of the season. Not only can he push the team's attack line through 2 threatening passes and 3 opponent fouls, he also made 6 clearances in this prominently important game.




   Zhou Junchen made a penalty in the game against TEDA, which led to Huanghai Qinggang's goal to expand the score, and then assisted Alexandrini in the sports game. The 20-year-old player continues to show his impact, his self-confidence is very prominent among young players.


   Peng Xinli played a pillar role in the situation where Shenhua had no foreign aid available. He led the first goal to open up the situation for Shenhua in the game against R&F. After that, he sent assists for Bi Jinhao. He was Shenhua's first contributor to the key battle.


After scoring twice against TEDA, Alessandrini has scored 7 goals this season. It is more important for him to recover his form before the second stage of the relegation battle in Huanghai Qinggang. He played 4 times against TEDA. Created an opponent foul, sent a threatening pass, and made 3 blocks in the defensive fight.


   In the contemporary victory over Yongchang, Adrian staged a hat-trick on 4 shots, fully proving his ability and form. He also sent the most threatening passes of the game 6 times and made 4 opponents fouls.


Suning’s confrontation with Evergrande became a catalyst for Wakaso to further show his running ability and driving force. He made 8 steals and 4 interceptions, 6 breakthroughs, 2 fouls, and sent threats. Pass.




Praliganji made outstanding contributions in the first game of joining Kaisa. His strong header opened up the situation for Kaisa and directly decided the trend of the game. In the defense, he made 8 clearances and 2 steals, and shot against Dalian team. Passes have been blocked.


   Liu Jiashen effectively froze the TEDA forward Lima, which directly restricted the play of TEDA's attack line. He made 7 clearances and blocked the opponent's shot twice. He also sent 2 threatening passes in the defensive turn.


Corresponding to the attack line led by foreign aid, Jiang Zhe's driving the midfield to improve stability has also become an important factor in contemporary Lien Chan's victory. In the Yongchang match, Jiang Zhe made 7 clears and 1 interception, and blocked his opponent twice. Pass.




After Shenhua's difficult situation, Zeng Cheng demonstrated a stabilizing role in the goalkeeper position, helping the team to be unbeaten in the previous stage and to win the key game in this round. He tried his best to do his responsibilities and demonstrated his overall role in driving the Super League. Very prominent.






Adrian's personal performance vividly interprets the trend of contemporary record in the first stage: he was absent due to isolation at the beginning of the season, and then looked for feelings with other foreign teammates. He did not score in 6 consecutive games, and he scored 6 in the last 5 games. The ball, promoted contemporary to play a strong 5 consecutive victories. In addition to scoring data, Adrian's control of the game and the ability to create fighters also continue to play a prominent role.




The previous seven consecutive rounds of invincibility fully reflected the difficulties Shenhua encountered, and the recent 4 consecutive draws proved Shenhua’s resilience and responsiveness on another level. This round of the fourth key match Shenhua played with the starting lineup of the all-China class. Cui Kangxi’s deployment was clearly presented by the players on the field, defeating R&F with convincing execution and pressure, and Cui Kangxi’s point back to the striker's Bi Jinhao to score again, further reflecting the team's kneading effect, and will grab the fourth initiative. Control in your own hands.




In the early part of this season, Dangdai was ranked lower in the standings, which seemed to correspond to "A good meal is not afraid of late". After entering the first stage of the competition, Dangdai's state was fully boosted. By this round of victory, Yongchang achieved a record 5 consecutive team history. Win, and lock the top four of the group one round in advance. Completing the task of relegation ahead of schedule is only the first step. Judging from the current state and momentum of the contemporary era, it is likely to become a spoiler after entering the championship group.


(fire of wood)


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