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Tiger Fighting on October 1st Inter Milan defeated Benevento 5-2 in the first round of the Serie A make-up. Coach Conte accepted an interview with Sky Sports after the match. He said he was very satisfied with the team's performance. .

国际米兰在10月1日进行的Tiger Fighting在意甲化妆的第一轮中以5比2击败贝内文托。比赛结束后,孔戴教练接受了天空体育的采访。他说他对车队的表现非常满意。 。

Conte first accepted an interview with Sky Sports:


"I am very satisfied with this game. In addition to the performance of the players, the team also adhered to our philosophy in tactical execution and continued the game method since last year. The difference is that we have added a lot of new players. select."


"We continue to maintain the style of offensive football and have created many opportunities. Although we still need to pay attention to the offensive and defensive balance, I enjoy Inter Milan's game scene very much. This is a very important game and we are moving forward."


"Juventus vs. Naples? I will watch it on TV. I think Naples this season is underestimated, greatly underestimated."


We have established a basic game policy last year. This year, we have increased the use of the front midfielder position on this basis. This has also added changes to the offensive method. The ability to have more players who can be inserted later increases the threat of our offense. The players performed well today. Don’t forget that Benevento just reversed Sampdoria. We still have a lot of work to do, but today the team showed determination and dominated the game in the right way.


Vidal got hit in the thigh, I would rather replace him than take the risk, because the team leads the score. But this should be no problem, he is a fighter, and the fighter will always be ready for battle.


His speed is very fast and he is naturally suitable for playing on the wing position. This formation can best utilize his technical characteristics. As one of the most important signings this year, he is not only an excellent player but also has great potential. We still Need to work harder on the defensive end, but I hope he can maintain such a performance, he played great today.


I think we should look at such things from a positive side. This shows that everyone has shown respect for our work results. Last year's league record also affected everyone's judgment. Inter Milan has not been considered to be able to compete for the league championship for many years. We have now gained the attention of others. Everyone sees that we will use another vision. I think this is a happy thing. Maybe this will also make our game more difficult, because the other side will show stronger determination to face a strong team.


I am very happy that someone can see the dynamic changes on the court. These are all arranged before the game. Sometimes people ignore what the coach does.


I don't talk about the transfer market. These should be decided by the club. I am only interested in my own work and only consider the players I can use.


As I said before, Inter Milan is a whole. Regardless of whether there is a substitution or not, we all showed the same performance, played well, and scored a lot of goals. I can imagine if we didn’t win today. How would people criticize me. Our training time is very short, and we have very intensive competition tasks. It will be the same in October. The rotation of the lineup allows Kolarov, Ashraf, Vidal, Perisic and other latecomers to integrate better. team. The operation of the team is a sophisticated system, and the rapid integration of newcomers allows me to rely more on them in future games.


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