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"Some people want Tianhai to die, but the more so, the better we will live."


At the cusp of Tianjin Tianhai, apart from the official Weibo of the club, Li Weifeng was the first person to stand up.


Whether Tianhai is alive or dead, it affects the hearts of every player in the team left behind and the hearts of every fan waiting outside the gate of Tianhai Club every day.


The bleak situation of Tianhai today is not unrelated to the collapse of the giant pyramid scheme of Quanjian Group.


Shu Yuhui, owner of Quanjian Group, has been controversial since the day he entered the football circle. Quan Jian's intention to take over football may not be simple enough, but Shu Yuhui has shown great enthusiasm for football in his operations over the past few years. This is something that must be admitted.

Quanjian Group的所有者Shu Yuhui自进入足球圈以来就一直存在争议。权健接管足球的意图可能还不够简单,但是舒玉辉在过去的几年中对足球表现出了极大的热情。这是必须承认的东西。

As early as the Quanjian MLM incident, Shu Yuhui had booked the best palace hotel in the world for winter training for the team, and at the same time used a large sum of money for the team’s infrastructure construction and contracted the city’s big brother. Tianjin TEDA has been using the home stadium, and at the same time hired the World Cup top turf maintenance team.


There are a lot of details like this, and Shu Yuhui almost always allocates the funds early. This also makes it possible to carry out related work in an orderly manner after being controlled.


Shu Yuhui, who was already under control at that time, occasionally communicated with relatives, friends or lawyers. In addition to his own case, he was most concerned about his football career.


According to reports, before Wang Yongpo’s transfer, Shu Yuhui hoped that the club could keep him anyway; according to the former Quanjian Group executives, Quanjian Group’s overseas business is still going on normally. Part of the funds allocated overseas to help the team...


Shu Yuhui is too difficult to give up on his football career, which is one of the reasons why Tianhai has been able to negotiate cooperation with the outside world for a whole year, but it has been difficult to advance-of course, the Quanjian Group’s undecided decision was negotiations. The biggest reason for the difficulty.


In January 2020, Shu Yuhui was sentenced to 9 years in prison, Quan Jian was executed with a target of 9.778 billion, and the Tianhai Club account was frozen.


This also allowed Vantone, which had begun contact with Quan Jianfang at the end of 19, to officially restart negotiations.


In early February, a heavy piece of news hit Tianhai-someone reported to the Chinese Football Association.


"I don't know what our club has been reported? Unpaid salary? No. Other violations? No." Li Weifeng also expressed his doubts.


Tianjin Tianhai was fully entrusted to the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau during the 2019 season. Although the funds are still in the hands of Quanjian Group and the top level of the club, Jiguang, each use of funds requires the signature of the Sports Bureau. Tianhai did not have it in 19 Any unpaid wages.

天津天海在2019赛季被完全委托给天津市体育局。尽管资金亚博yabo手机仍掌握在权健集团和俱乐部吉光俱乐部的顶层,但每次使用资金都需要体育局的签名。 Tianhai在19个未付工资中没有它。

Affected by the epidemic, Tianhai’s internal January salary did not arrive quickly, only a part of it was issued. At the same time, Quan Jian’s judgment on the MLM case and the freezing of the club’s account led to the subsequent wage arrears.


However, this has nothing to do with reporting.


It is understood that the "report" is likely to come from the relevant personnel involved in the work of the Tianhai Club within Quanjian Group-to explain to the relevant departments some of the club's current situation and foreseeable difficulties, this statement is actually more in line with the real situation. The purpose of this may have something to do with persuading Shu Yuhui to let go, and the time of this incident has actually been a while since the media exposure.


After that, Shu Yuhui decided to sell off the football business, and in March, Tianhai Club announced a 0 yuan transfer of equity.


When Tianjin Tianhai announced the transfer, the Chinese Football Association hurriedly asked Tianjin Tianhai to submit relevant information about the club. The outside world speculated that the Football Association wanted to take the opportunity to kill Tianhai, but the more realistic situation is: Tianhai handed over on the transfer window deadline on the last day of February 0 signings, 0 scores of many domestic and foreign aids lost.


Even if Tianhai does not seek transfer, it is indeed reasonable that the Football Association does not register for it and requires the qualification to participate in the Super League.


"If there were no epidemics, Tianhai would have died early. Last year, many people on loan didn't want to come. Many players came to the team for passive reasons. That's it. Will the team still rely on loan this year? It's really unlikely. To be honest. , It’s not as good as not playing, it’s meaningless."


A former Tianhai player who has left the team explained the reason for his departure, “If the boss’s matter is not resolved, who can buy the club? Now this situation is like the boss’s arrest. Everyone didn’t expect it to be so fast. It’s easy to get results, but there is really not much time for the club. Those brothers who are left are really not easy, I hope they can survive this level."


Vantone has had contact with Quanjian at the end of last year. The company behind Vantone is the group's Heli Wansheng Sports Company. This company acquired the Dutch The Hague Club several years ago and has a good understanding of the sports industry. Therefore, at a very early stage, Vantone has already done a good job of backing up the Tianhai Club, including overseas lawsuits, club debt and other issues, and also conceived a blueprint for the future development of Tianhai.


Since the Quanjian case was unfinished and Shu Yuhui was unwilling to let go, the negotiations between the two sides remained at the contact stage and there was no substantial progress. When Tianhai entered life and death, Quan Jian swiftly replaced Shu Yuhui’s most trusted high-level to negotiate and put forward a practical and feasible plan for Vantone to choose. Vantone continued to use the cooperating boss of Vantone. In the Hui negotiations, the two parties formally began to sit in a conference room to discuss the acquisition. Issues that could not be advanced in the first two months were discussed intensively in the last three days.


Interestingly, during this period, the names of many powerful sponsors including Beijing Internet Company, Beijing Pharmaceutical Company, Northern Military Industry Group, Tianjin State-owned Enterprise Giant, Southern Financial Giant, and a high-end international women's clothing company entered the Tianjin Tianhai label. In the information flow, on the second night of the negotiation, many local media in Tianjin confirmed that Tianhai had signed a transfer contract with one of the sponsors. According to a local reporter in Tianjin, the news of the successful transfer did not come from the team and Wantong, but a third party.


Everyone was actually shot.


In the past three days, news from the outside world was flying, and in fact, it was only the Vantone family who had been in contact with Tianhai patiently in the past few months. No company will take three days to make an acquisition of high-debt assets, not to mention that football is still a money-burning sport that only inputs but does not produce.


In the end, Tianhai Club successfully joined hands with Vantone after applying for a half-day buffer time from the Football Association.


But it is not the end of the event, or even just the beginning. The real power of life and death has been handed over to the Chinese Football Association.


Why is there such a big change after the acquisition by Vantone? Perhaps some clues can be seen from the acquisition of the Dutch club The Hague by its subsidiary Heli Wansheng Sports.


After Heli Wansheng acquired The Hague, it encountered a two-year arrears period, which once made the team be in custody. Although the arrears were paid and the equity was recovered at the end of 2018, its challenge to the financial strength of the Super League is still to be doubted to a certain extent. .

合力万盛收购海牙后,它遇到了两年的拖欠期,这一次使该团队被拘留。尽管已于2018年底支付了欠款并收回了股权,但在一定程度上仍怀疑其对中超联赛财务实力的挑战。 。

In addition, after Zhang Yuning joined The Hague, he caught up with the storm of salary arrears. The then coach of The Hague was very dissatisfied with the fact that Heli Wansheng did not invest and held all the transfer fees received in his hands, blocking Zhang Yuning from the inside, which led to the situation where Zhang Yuning had no ball to play in the later period.


And Vantone Real Estate also has certain hidden dangers.


Beijing Guomao Z3 land originally had 35% of the shares held by Vantone, but it was also transferred last year at a discount of 750 million. The 70% equity of Xianghe Real Estate Co., Ltd. held by Vantone was also sold.


In the past two years, although Vantone Real Estate's performance has picked up, its land reserves have basically stagnated, and there have been almost no new projects recently. Before this, Vantone Real Estate had planned to acquire Xingheng Power, a new energy battery company, for 3.17 billion yuan to realize the transformation of its main business, but the transaction was ultimately unsuccessful.


However, it is understood that the attitude of the Chinese Football Association is actually very simple and clear: as long as they have the ability to guarantee smooth participation, guarantee the player's salary, and follow-up stable participation in the Super League, and meet the access standards, there is no reason to reject them.


With the aggravation of the overseas epidemic, the Chinese Super League's foreign aid cannot rush back to China in the first time. This may make the Super League have to postpone the opening time again, and Tianhai and Wantong have also got a respite.


In this unpredictable "interval period", will Vantone have the ability to pass the Chinese Football Association?




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