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On June 30, 1993, Huang Jiaju died in Japan.

on June 30, 1993, Huang J IA Judie din Japan.

For 26 years so far, fans will collectively miss him every June. Jiaju was on the altar, and the other three members were still on earth. What they have to face is not only the loss of friends, but also the sign of Beyond.


This is their treasure, and it is also full of thorns.


In the center of the stage, the projector shot Huang Jiaju's figure. Next to him is his younger brother Huang Jiaqiang and guitarist Huang Guanzhong. Ye Shirong played drums behind him. Countless audiences cried and cheered in the audience.


In 2003, SARS broke out, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui died one after another. In this special year, Beyond completed the long-awaited "Four Sons" moment on the 20th anniversary tour.


After Huang Jiaju's death, the trio continued to act as the Beyond band for ten years. Missing him while trying to get rid of him. But in the eyes of most fans, the man in the projection is the soul of the band, and the living three are just moving accessories.


"Baa the projector, baa reproduce the feeling of Jiaju, I feel bored." Ye Shirong thinks so, but the audience doesn't want him to think that what they are looking for is their own sustenance.

“ Ba投影机,ba重现了家具的感觉,我感到无聊。”叶世荣是这样认为的,但是观众并不想让他认为他们正在寻找的是自己的生活。

After crying, the crowd dispersed. No matter how uncomfortable the three were singing on stage, there was another one waiting for them.


The applause in the audience may not belong to them, but the boo must be. Fans often say that they have betrayed the spirit of Beyond. Compared to the three Beyond members, outsiders seem to think they understand Beyond better.


Huang Jiaqiang, who takes the stage to miss Jia Kuo every year, is dubbed the "June Singer". Huang Guanzhong and Huang Jiaqiang fired on Weibo twice in three days, and fans also expressed chills.


At this time, Ye Shirong often just watch the fire from the other side, or be a peacemaker.


After Beyond was dissolved, Ye Shirong repeatedly mentioned that he did not want to reorganize. In 2013, the 30th anniversary of Beyond, everyone expected them to return to the stage again, and he refused again. Even so, the biggest label on Ye Shirong's body is Beyond, "Even if I go to sell vegetables today, people will say: Beyond Shirong, give me a catty of vegetables."


After Huang Jiaju left, Huang Jiaqiang stood in the middle of the stage and sang. He tried to imitate his brother's voice for a while. Longing for his voice to remain in the band and be continued in another way. Later, Huang Jiaqiang slowly felt that it was no longer necessary, even brothers, it could not be exactly the same. Pure imitation can't do better than his brother after all.


At the 2003 concert, they sang the new song "The Sky", which was the theme song they composed for "Infernal Affairs II", and won the Best Film Song Award at the Academy Awards the following year.

在2003年的音乐会上,他们演唱了新歌“ The Sky”,这是他们为“ Infernal Affairs II”创作的主题曲,并于次年获得了奥斯卡金像奖最佳电影歌曲奖。

This is the last song of Beyond. In 2005, the three officially announced their disbandment at the farewell performance.

这是《超越》的最后一首歌。 2005年,这三人在告别演出中正式宣布解散。

Huang Jiaju is the recognized soul figure of Beyond and the reason why many fans love this band. In the days when Kaju was lost, the three of them often thought that if they didn't go to Japan, it would be fine.


1991 was the heyday of Beyond, and they became the first band to sing in Hung Hom in Hong Kong.


In the entertainment industry, they often cannot help themselves. Participating in boring parties, pretending to be cute on the radio, a large number of activities occupy their creative space. In order to satirize this phenomenon, they released a special song called "Pan Party".

在娱乐行业,他们通常无法自救。参加无聊的聚会,假装在收音机里很可爱,大量活动占据了他们的创作空间。为了讽刺这种现象,他们发行了一首特别的歌曲,叫做“ Pan Party”。

Jia Ju said that the awards they received were all traded with dignity. After they got the prize, they went back and put it on the table. Sometimes they would break them one by one with bats.


"Hong Kong has no music scene, only the entertainment circle." Jiaju's words represent Beyond's disappointment with the Hong Kong environment. They decided to leave Hong Kong and go to Japan.


On the day in Japan, the four of them went to find a house together. The prices in Japan are high, the rooms are small, and there are no curtains in the room. Paul (Huang Guanzhong) spread a newspaper on the window, blocking the sunlight, and slept on the ground all night. Paul is not tall, but he can touch any place with his feet without a remote control at all.


In Japan, Seyoung learned to smoke. When recording the harmony, the microphone was in the middle, four people sang around, and the other three were holding a cigarette. He was always smoked so that tears and nose came out. Finally, I smoked it myself.


During that time, Jia Qiang lived by playing video games. They speak English and the Japanese don't understand, and they don't understand Japanese, so they can't go anywhere. The daily lives of the four people seemed to be printed out, and they didn't know where they were when they woke up. They kept asking themselves, why are they here.


Learning Japanese music is their motivation to stay, but life in Japan is different from what they imagined.


Not only the loneliness brought about by living in a foreign country, but also the disagreement with the company's philosophy. The band wants to do some heavy rock and roll, and the record company AMUSE wants them to take the popular route. Once, Paul quarreled directly with the owner of AMUSE, and everyone present was taken aback. In Japan, where grades are important, artists have never seen such a scene.


Beyond has made two albums in Japan. The first "Continuing the Revolution" received mediocre response. One of the songs "The Great Wall" was inspired by Jia Ju when they went to the mainland to climb the Great Wall together in 1988.


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