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Since the self-proclaimed positive test result for the new crown virus on March 23, the condition of Jose Placido Domingo, one of the world's three largest tenors, has received a lot of attention from the society. In addition to the literary and artistic circles, Domingo, as a diehard Real Madrid and team singer, also has a high status in football. However, as a world-renowned public figure, Domingo's old age has had many twists and turns.

自3月23日自称是新冠状病毒的阳性测试结果以来,世界三大男高音之一的何塞·普拉西多·多明戈(Jose Placido Domingo)的病况引起了社会的广泛关注。除文艺界外,多明哥作为顽固的皇马和队歌手,在足球界也享有很高的地位。但是,作为世界知名的公众人物,多明哥的晚年经历了许多曲折。

On January 21, 1941, Domingo was born in Madrid, Spain. It was this year that the Madrid Football Club regained the "Royal" title that it had previously lost due to political factors.


In the 1940s, Real Madrid's record was not outstanding, only winning two Copa del Rey titles, but Domingo still became a Real Madrid fan until he moved to Mexico with the family-run opera company at the age of 8.


After becoming famous, Domingo lived in Paris and Vienna for a long time because of the performance, but Real Madrid has always been his love, and he is the muse he is willing to work hard for.


At the beginning of the 21st century, Real Madrid ushered in the club’s 100th birthday, and a series of reform measures have been implemented by this opportunity. In addition to the new sports city design and new team emblem style, the famous Spanish musician and composer Jose Cano also specially created the commemorative team song "Himno del Centenario". As a die-hard Real Madrid fan, Domingo is naturally the best candidate to sing this song. Although this song is not intended to replace the classic old team song "Hala Madrid!", it will be played at the Bernabéu Stadium before Real Madrid’s home game. Coupled with Domingo’s influence, the fans will play it a little bit. Accepted this song and began to sing it widely.

21世纪初,皇家马德里迎来了俱乐部成立100周年,并以此为契机实施了一系列改革措施。除了新的体育城市设计和新的队徽风格外,西班牙著名音乐家和作曲家何塞·卡诺还特别创作了纪念队歌《 Himno del Centenario》。作为皇马的忠实拥护者,多明哥自然是演唱这首歌的最佳人选。尽管这首歌并不是要取代经典的老队歌曲“ Hala Madrid!”,但它将在皇家马德里主场比赛之前在Bernabéu体育场播放。加上Domingo的影响力,粉丝们会稍作发挥。接受了这首歌,并开始广泛地唱歌。

In 2012, Real Madrid won the league championship season with 100 points, and Domingo also sang in the celebration ceremony.


In 2014, after Real Madrid fought for 120 minutes and Lecco’s city rivals Atletico Madrid won the tenth Champions League in team history, Real Madrid officially released the ten championship commemorative song "Hala Madrid y nada más" sung by all the players.

2014年,在皇家马德里进行了120分钟的战斗并且莱科的城市竞争对手马德里竞技赢得了球队历史上的第十个冠军联赛后,皇家马德里正式发行了所有球员演唱的十个冠军纪念歌曲“ Hala Madrid y nadamás”。

Two years later, when Real Madrid won the Big Ears Cup for the eleventh time, the excited old man Domingo personally played and led the players to re-interpret the song.


In addition to performing at various celebrations, Domingo is also a distinguished guest of Real Madrid base and Bernabeu. In 2010, Domingo also received the Real Madrid No. 1 jersey given by Florentino.

除了参加各种庆祝活动外,多明戈还是皇家马德里基地和伯纳乌的尊贵客人。 2010年,多明哥还获得了弗洛伦蒂诺(Florentino)赠送的皇家马德里1号球衣。

In addition to Real Madrid, Domingo is naturally also a hard-core supporter of the Spanish national team. In the 1982 World Cup in Spain, Domingo once sang the official theme song "World Cup" before the opening ceremony of the final.


That is, since this year, "I almost never missed an important international competition in Spain." Domingo said in an interview.


Domingo did not really exaggerate his status as a "super fan". In addition to watching the two World Cup finals in 1970 and 1974, Domingo also joined two other masters, Pavarotti and Pavarotti, during the World Cup many times. Carreras performed concerts in the host country. The 1990 Italy World Cup in Rome, the 1994 U.S. World Cup in Los Angeles, the 1998 France World Cup in Paris, and the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup in Yokohama, the concerts were unprecedented. success. In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Domingo insisted on performing alone because the other two faded out of the stage. For the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Domingo will hold a concert in Rio de Janeiro with the famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

多明戈并没有真正夸大他作为“超级粉丝”的地位。除了观看1970年和1974年的两次世界杯决赛之外,多明戈还多次参加了世界杯上另外两名大师帕瓦罗蒂和帕瓦罗蒂。卡雷拉斯在东道国演出音乐会。 1990年在罗马举行的意大利世界杯,1994年在洛杉矶举行的美国世界杯,1998年在巴黎举行的法国世界杯以及2002年在横滨举行的韩日世界杯,这些音乐会都是史无前例的。成功。在2006年德国世界杯足球赛上,多明各坚持要求自己表演,因为其他两个人退出了舞台。对于2014年巴西世界杯,多明哥将与著名的中国钢琴家郎朗在里约热内卢举行一场音乐会。

Counting this down, before 2010, Domingo had been to the World Cup finals nine times, and his tenth time was his happiest time.


In Johannesburg, Domingo witnessed the whole process of winning the championship with his motherland and also got the opportunity to enter the dressing room to get close to the Hercules Cup after the game. "This is an extraordinary moment. I am so happy as a child. I have never been so proud of being a Spanish. I believe all my compatriots will feel this way. This is very important." said Domingo, who is wearing a Spanish red scarf. "I have firm confidence in Casey. Our defense is equally good, not to mention the core of the team, Harvey, Iniesta, etc., and how inspired Villa is!"

在约翰内斯堡,多明哥目睹了与祖国一起获得冠军的整个过程,并且有机会在比亚博yabo手机赛后进入更衣室,靠近大力神杯。 “这是一个不平凡的时刻。我小时候很高兴。我从来没有为成为西班牙人感到骄傲。我相信我所有的同胞都会有这种感觉。这很重要。”戴西班牙红色围巾的多明哥说。 “我对凯西非常有信心。我们的防守同样出色,更不用说球队的核心,哈维,伊涅斯塔等等,而比利亚的灵感也是如此!”

Whether in the literary and sports world, Domingo can be said to be highly respected. But such an old man has made a lot of trouble in his later life.


With Pavarotti going west and Carreras retiring, the three tenors have long been history. But the stubborn Domingo didn't seem to think about staying away from the stage at all, and even cancer blocking was nothing. What is even more unexpected is that in 2009, 68-year-old Domingo suddenly announced that he would change to baritone. Although Domingo originally sang a baritone when he debuted, and had a certain amount of capital to change careers, when his peers retired, he chose to return to the starting point and open up the second battlefield of his career. This behavior can be said People admire it, but it can also be said to be too risky. Sure enough, when the protagonist Bocanella in "Simon Bocanella" appeared in Covent Garden in London, the European and American media did not approve of his performance, even mostly mocking.


His career was not going well, and Domingo made a lot of trouble in his private life. On August 12, 2019, according to the Associated Press, a total of 9 female singers and dancers accused Domingo of sexual harassment. They said they had encountered various forms of harassment in the past 30 years. Several whistleblowers said that their careers were affected after rejecting Domingo, and more than 30 practitioners said they had witnessed Domingo's inappropriate behavior. In early September, the number of allegations rose to 20. But Domingo’s spokesperson said: “The Associated Press’s vilification of Domingo is not only inaccurate, but also unethical. These new allegations are full of contradictions and, like previous statements, are wrong in many ways.”


On September 24, 2019, Domingo resigned from the position of chief director of the Los Angeles Opera House, and major American opera houses have also cancelled performances with him. The opera legend said that he would not perform at the Metropolitan Opera in the future.

2019年9月24日,多明哥(Domingo)辞去洛杉矶歌剧院(Los Angeles Opera House)首席总监的职务,美国各大歌剧院也取消了与他的演出。这位歌剧传奇人物说,他将来不会在大都会歌剧院演出。

On February 25, 2020, the American Opera Union disclosed the results of the investigation, stating that Domingo “engaged in all kinds of inappropriate activities from flirting to sexual provocation inside and outside the workplace”. At this time Domingo finally changed his words and issued a belated apology, "In the past few months, I have spent some time reflecting on the accusations made by many of my colleagues against me. I respect that these women can finally be calm. Say what you think, I hope they know that I am really sorry for the harm I caused them."

2020年2月25日,美国歌剧工会(American Opera Union)披露了调查结果,并指出多明哥“从事各种不适当的活动,包括在工作场所内外调情到性挑衅”。这时Domingo终于改变了话,并发表了迟来的道歉,“在过去的几个月中,我花了一些时间来反思许多同事对我的指责。我认为这些女人最终可以保持冷静。说您的想法,希望他们知道我为他们造成的伤害感到非常抱歉。”

After the results of the survey were announced, Domingo’s performance plan in Europe also encountered major setbacks. In addition to the opera houses in Berlin and Hamburg, the Royal Opera House and the Spanish National Academy of Performing Arts and Music have all announced the cancellation of Domingo’s performances. Some persistent projects have also suffered public protests and condemnation.


After the wave of unrest and wave, Domingo tested positive for the new crown virus, first quarantined himself at home, and was admitted to a hospital in Mexico a week later because of his worsening condition. During this period, there have been rumors on the Internet that Domingo unfortunately passed away because of his worsening condition, but in fact, it was a Filipino actor also called Domingo who passed away because of the new crown pneumonia.


The real singer Domingo has actually eased his illness and has been allowed to leave the hospital recently. Domingo himself issued a statement saying that he is in a good state of mind and paying tribute to the medical staff who have worked hard to save lives.


Domingo, who is almost in his old age, is also considered a high-risk group of new coronary pneumonia. Although it seems that it is not a major problem at the moment, it is also considered a fright. The scandals that had caused a lot of noise have gradually declined. I hope that after he recovers, he can fulfill his promise and devote himself to creating a healthier working environment in the opera industry, so that he can regain his esteem; and have a peaceful old age, simply enjoying the beauty of music and football.


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