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亚博yabo手机登录:中超15轮最佳阵容:灵动杀手组3叉戟 两位00后上榜
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亚博yabo手机登录:中超15轮最佳阵容:灵动杀手组3叉戟 两位00后上榜

In the 15th round of the 2020 Chinese Super League, the importance of the championship group and the relegation group has been greatly increased. The attackers Achim Peng, Bakambu and Wei Shihao, who have outstanding smart characteristics, have made important contributions to their respective teams. The two “post 00s” of Wu Shaocong and Jiang Shenglong among the defense players gave out highlights. The following is the 15th round of the Chinese Super League team selected by Sina Sports (4-3-3)——

在2020年中国超级联赛的第15轮中,冠军组和保级组的重要性大大提高。进攻者阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng),巴卡姆布(Bakambu)和魏世浩(Wei Shihao)具有杰出的聪明才智,为各自的球队做出了重要贡献。防守队员中的吴少聪和姜胜龙的两个“ 00后”表现突出。以下是新浪体育评选的中国超级联赛第十五轮比赛(4-3-3)-



   Achim Peng scored twice to help TEDA, who had not won in the first stage, beat Kaisa. With a teammate like Suarez around him who can contain his opponents, Achim Peng reproduced his rapid cutting impact, and the second goal was a personal signature.

彭(Achim Peng)得了两次进球,以帮助在第一阶段没有胜出的泰达击败凯萨(Kaisa)。像苏亚雷斯(Suarez)这样的队友围在他身边,可以遏制对手,阿齐姆·彭(Achim Peng)重现了他的快速杀伤力,第二个进球是个人签名。

   After a penalty kick was awarded for a handball foul, Bakambu made up for his regret on the spot. He seized the opportunity to score twice to help Guoan tie with Luneng. Bakambu's season goals improved to 13 goals.


   After a long truce, Wei Shihao regained the offensive decisive power when he returned. He made two unique goals to promote Evergrande’s reversal of China Fortune. The facts once again show that Wei Shihao's rhythm and shooting finishing power are very important to Evergrande.




   Lack of Ivo’s key game, Zhou Dingyang became the key man leading Jianye. In the first battle against Drow, he had the most passes of Jianye among frontcourt players and the most in 7 passes. He sent threatening passes and made 4 clears and 2 steals in defense.


In the first stage of the match, the 37-year-old Matthews continued to reflect the outstanding role of the team in the future of the game; entering the second stage, his actual combat role seemed to be further improved. In this round, his goal in the 81st minute helped Yongchang reversal and win Dalian people can be described as a fatal blow.


   Ahmedov’s prominent role in the midfield corresponds to Suarez’s role as a fulcrum in the frontcourt. It has become a hot topic after the TEDA game, and it is also the key to TEDA’s first victory of the season. In the game against Kaisa, Ahmedov made 3 crosses, 3 fouls and 5 steals were the best data for TEDA.




Evergrande changed four players in the first half of the first match against China Fortune. Among them, Wu Shaocong’s appearance is directly related to the U23 rules. The 20-year-old player used his first Chinese Super League goal to help Evergrande reverse the passive situation, sending absolute Surprise.


Mbia made 5 steals and 4 clearances in the first round of the Shanghai Derby, and personally blocked SIPG’s shots for 3 times. The data still does not reflect his effective control range and timeliness. He directly improved the ball. Team defense quality.


Under the unfavorable situation of Yongchang conceding a goal prematurely, Su Zu seized the opportunity to equalize the score. In the defense, he made 7 clearances and blocked the opponent's shots. His passing success rate reached 87%, for Yongchang. The reversal of the Dalian team made a solid foundation.


   This round is the second appearance of Jiang Shenglong, who is under the age of 20, this season. It is also his first time for TEDA. With 8 clears and 2 interceptions, he helped the team's defense and promoted the overall change of TEDA.




   This round is only Wang Dalei's third appearance this season. He directly demonstrated the role of the goalkeeper's outstanding performance in the game in the first half; although Luneng did not win in the end, Wang Dalei's 8 saves were still impressive.


  The best of the 15th round of the Chinese Super League——




As a defender, he played a prominent role in deciding the game without scoring or assisting. The requirements were very demanding. This round of Mbia gave an eye-catching performance throughout the audience, in multiple moments. He has become the "last hurdle" that SIPG cannot surpass, and has played an important role in boosting Shenhua's team in both actual combat effect and spiritual level.




In the modern period of coaching Jeonbuk, Cui Kangxi had the habit of "not having to fill the quota of foreign aid", which is directly related to the composition of Jeonbuk's lineup and the level of strength; this season Shenhua has a serious lack of foreign aid, and Cui Kangxi seems to be using his personal coaching characteristics To make up for it, this round of the Shanghai Derby match Shenhua only sent two foreign aids, but with a tenacious defensive draw with SIPG, Cui Kangxi's kneading ability was once again deeply reflected.



   Being able to win and score points in a relegation match is a kind of ability. TEDA has also amplified the contrast effect due to the background of no wins in the first stage. This team has just entered the second stage and just won the first win of the season and saw the hope of completing the relegation task ahead of schedule. In the game against Kaisa, Teda added Ahmedov and Suarez in the midway of the season to play a prominent role. It is precisely under the leading role of foreign aid to perform their duties and closely connect, the team seems to be happening as a whole. Has changed a lot.




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