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【亚博yabo手机登录】高校足球氛围解密 | 浙江大学
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【亚博yabo手机登录】高校足球氛围解密 | 浙江大学

The predecessor was Qiushi Academy, a comprehensive national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and under the direct management of the central government at the vice-ministerial level.


Looking forward to creating a better and better football environment for Zhejiang University. And in 2017-2020,


Department has


(1) Long-term search for commercial sponsorship;


(2) At the preparatory stage of the activity, go to the relevant departments of the school to go through the formalities of activity declaration, venue and equipment borrowing, including applying for first responders and doctors;


(3) Responsible for inviting teachers, school leaders and other personnel to some activities;


(4) Assist the propaganda department to update and maintain the network propaganda platform;


(5) Communicate and coordinate with other clubs and organizations inside and outside the school, and discuss cooperation matters;


(6) Contact ordinary students and high-level school football teams of Zhejiang University to provide assistance within their capacity;


(7) Contact the Sports Department of the Student Union of each college to be responsible for the notification of football matches and provide assistance within its capacity.


(1) Design, production and beautification of materials such as promotional materials;


(2) Photography, video and corresponding post-processing during the event;


(3) Long-term update and maintenance of various network propaganda platforms of the association;


(4) Live the event and cooperate with the event department to complete the statistical analysis of event data;


(5) Responsible for in-house training of the community's internal photography, post-processing, etc.;


(6) Assist the membership department to organize online and offline non-match football activities;


(7) Responsible for the design of community products, exclusive document templates, etc., and strengthen the brand image of the community.


Member Department:


(1) Processing membership applications for membership admission and withdrawal;


(2) Plan non-match football activities for members or the whole school to popularize football culture and promote fan exchanges;


(3) Carry out the football census in schools.


(1) Cooperate with the referee committee to train amateur football referees, and to popularize the rules of football competition and referee law for a long time;


(2) Assist the referee committee in the selection of referees during the competition;


(3) Match schedule, venue layout and event information release;


(4) To undertake the contact work between the organizing committee and the participants during the competition;


(5) Keep the competition equipment purchased in the name of the association;


(6) Responsible for the qualification review of the registered players during the registration stage;


(7) Members must participate in first aid training jointly organized by the association and the Red Cross, and serve as medical staff for the event when necessary.


(1) Responsible for the development of cutting-edge technology products of the society;


(2) Responsible for the development and operation of the WeChat mini program of the community;


(3) Put forward conceptual ideas for improving the efficiency of club work and enriching club activities from a technical perspective.


By hosting or co-organizing a series of football-themed activities, it provides a platform for learning and communication for the majority of football fans in Zhejiang University, and contributes to the construction of China's grassroots football culture and wider communication.


The Football Association of Zhejiang University organizes many competitions every year to allow the students who love football in Zhejiang University to participate in them, so that they can experience the strong football atmosphere of Zhejiang University.


There are about 8 teams participating in the "Newborn Cup" with about 200 participants; the "CC98 Cup" is divided into two competition systems, with about 16 teams participating in the eight-a-side and eleven-a-side groups, with about 500 participants. There are about 32 teams participating in the "San Hao Cup", with about 400 participants; the "Futal Football Tournament" has about 32 teams participating with about 250 participants; the "Alumni Competition" is spontaneously organized by alumni of Zhejiang University. In the competition, all participating teams and participants participate by themselves, and the number of participants is always uncertain.

大约有八支队伍参加了“新生儿杯”,约有200名参与者; “ CC98杯”分为两个竞赛系统,大约有16个团队参加八人一组和十一人一组,大约有500名参与者。大约32支队伍参加了“三好杯”,约有400人参加。 “五人制足球锦标赛”约有32支球队参加,约250名参与者; “校友竞赛”是浙江大学校友自发组织的。在比赛中,所有参赛队伍和参赛者自己参加,参赛人数始终不确定。

Zhejiang University "Freshman Cup" Football Tournament: The "World Youth Championship" of Zhejiang University is held in the autumn semester of each academic year. It is mainly for the freshmen of the whole school. It is an 8-a-side game and is well received by freshmen.


"CC98" Cup Football Match: Zhejiang University's "Champions League" is held in Zijingang West Track and Field Stadium and Yuquan Campus Xinqiaomen Football Stadium from November to December of each academic year. It is divided into eight-a-side and eleven-a-side teams. , Facing all students in the school, it adopts the method of free team formation and wide participation.

“ CC98”杯足球赛:浙江大学的“冠军联赛”于每个学年的11月至12月在紫金港西田径体育场和玉泉校区新桥门足球场举行。它分为八人制和十一人制。面向学校中的所有学生,它采用自由组队和广泛参与的方法。

Zhejiang University "Three Good Cup" Student Football Match: Zhejiang University's "World Cup" is held at Zijingang West Track and Field Stadium and Yuquan Campus Xinqiaomen Football Stadium from April to June each academic year. It is the most formal football match on campus. It is an 11-a-side competition for all students in the school, linked to the results of the school sports meeting.


"Futaside" football match: It is held at the Yuquan Futsal Stadium in the spring semester of each academic year. It is currently the only futsal match in the school. It is divided into men's and women's groups, and is open to all students, faculty and staff of the school in the form of free teamwork, and is well received by teachers and students.

“ Futaside”足球比赛:每学年春季学期在玉泉五亚博yabo手机登录人制足球场举行。这是目前学校唯一的五人制足球比赛。它分为男女团体,以免费团队合作的形式向所有学生,教职员工开放,并受到老师和学生的欢迎。

Alumni Cup: Zhejiang University’s legendary veteran competition, held in the summer semester. Part of the 8-a-side and 5-a-side football competitions voluntarily organized by graduate alumni are also invited to participate.


Zhejiang University has three school teams, namely


The men’s football team in the Zhejiang University campus group has a long history.


The team has always adhered to systematic training, has rich practical experience, and has repeatedly achieved good results for the school.


In the 2018-2019 season, under the leadership of coach Liu Zhipeng, the men's football team of Zhejiang University won the championship of the Fifteenth Zhejiang University Games (Men's Group A).


In May 2019, the Zhejiang Fifteenth University Games football match (men's group A) was held at China Jiliang University. Zhejiang University and 24 other college teams competed fiercely.


The finals were held between Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University of Technology, the old rivals. Through targeted tactical deployment and a united determination to win, the men's football team of Zhejiang University overcome the severe rain and finally defeated the opponent with a score of 3:2. ,

决赛在浙江大学和老对手浙江工业大学之间举行。通过有针对性的战术部署和团结一致的胜利决心,浙江大学男足克服了大雨,最终以3:2的比分击败了对手。 ,

During the professional player period,


It is composed of girls who love football in the school. The current coach is the same as the ordinary boys' football team, and is the teacher Sun Guanrong.


The Zhejiang University Super Group Women’s Football Team was established late. The first batch of high-level women’s football teams began to be recruited in 2018. Until 2019, the total number of students will be enough to form a complete team, so this is a very young team that was formed. The coach of the team is Liu Zhipeng, the teacher who led the men's football to the provincial Universiade.


The Football Association of Zhejiang University has a wide range of promotion channels, with the following new media platforms:


WeChat public account: Zhejiang University Football Association

we chat public account: Z合江university football association

Sina Weibo: Zhejiang University Student Football Association

Sina weibo: Z合江university student football association

Bilibili: Zhejiang University Student Football Association

BI离比例: Z合江university student football association

Know the ball number: ZJUSFA


In terms of brand image, the Football Association of Zhejiang University has also been working hard in recent years to build a brand image, strengthen the construction of community culture, and determine


At the same time, it also launched peripheral products such as the Football Association commemorative ball


The West Track and Field Stadium is artificial turf. It is the main venue for football activities of Zhejiang masters and students in Zijingang. It was renovated in 2018 and the current quality of the venue is good.


The East Athletics Field in Zijingang is a natural grassland. It is the best venue for Zhejiang University’s "Three Good Cup" football match finals. It is only used as a venue for major campus events. The grassland is under maintenance for the rest of the time.


The Xinqiaomen Stadium is the same artificial turf as the Zijingang West Grassland, but it is better protected than the West Track and Field Stadium.


In addition to hosting some competitions, there are fewer people at the Xinqiao Gate Stadium and no teaching tasks, so the degree of wear is lighter than the former West Playground.


It is the same real grassland as the Zijingang East Track and Field Stadium, but unlike the Zijingang real grassland, the Yuquan Track and Field Football Stadium is not normally regulated and the maintenance frequency is low, so the number of people playing football is usually less.


The youngest person in the Zhejiang Volkswagen Stadium, artificial turf, high-quality turf, with court administrators, located near the Yuquan Library, a relatively remote location.


For students who are interested in refereeing work in the whole school, we will provide excellent club courses, which are taught in a theory + practice method. After the assessment, a three-level referee certificate will be issued. It was originally scheduled for autumn and winter and spring and summer. Contact friendly matches, exercise more referees, and improve the level of law enforcement.


The summer semester is held for all students in the school and will be conducted in the form of preliminary written examinations and on-site contests in the finals.


The winter and summer vacations are held for all students in the school and are conducted in the form of online submission and online selection.


During the 98 Cup and Sanhao Cup, it is open to all students in the school.


Held regularly, about once a month. It is divided into live watching and live watching. Live watching is mainly focused on major league matches and national team matches. On-site watching is mainly going to the Huanglong Sports Center to watch Hangzhou Greentown matches.


Featured activities developed during the epidemic have received wide acclaim, and follow-up plans continue to be held.


Do you think the Zhejiang University Football Association is over? Not yet! In addition to hosting these football matches and activities,


This system has 4 authorized patents, 5 patents pending,




Copywriter: Tang Xiya, Zhejiang University Football Association

copywriter: tang X i呀, Z合江university football association

Source: Zhejiang University Football Association

source: Z合江university football association

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