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In the early hours of this morning, Barcelona challenged Getafe at Madrid's Perez Stadium and lost 0-1 because of a penalty.


Once upon a time, Getafe was just a regular visitor to the promotion and relegation of La Liga.


But after returning to La Liga in the 17/18 season, Getafe has a new look and has remained at the upper and middle level of La Liga for several consecutive years. In the past two seasons, he has become a strong contender for the European seat.


Barcelona vs. Getafe, this may be a game that has no suspense in the eyes of other fans. I believe that many Barcelona fans are as worried as I am from before the game to the game.


After all, the past few matches can only be called narrow wins.


After watching this game in the early morning, it was like getting up and eating shit in the middle of the night.


Whether it’s disappointed or sad, after sleeping for a while, let’s calmly analyze and analyze where Barcelona lost today.


In the past international competition day, as many as a dozen players from Barcelona went to the national team to report.


Flew back to the national team, went through the middle of the two games, flew back to Barcelona, ​​and finally went to Madrid.


On the other hand, the international match day is an excellent opportunity for Getafe players to recover.


Objectively speaking, the "FIFA virus" has a certain impact. The three teams with the largest number of La Liga internationals: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, and Sevilla all lost upset and lost last night.

客观地说,“ FIFA病毒”具有一定的影响。西甲国际队人数最多的三支球队:巴塞罗那,皇家马德里和塞维利亚昨晚都输了冷门和输球。

At 24 minutes, Pique was shown a yellow card for a slightly suspected elbow foul.


Because in La Liga, if Barcelona want to win, they have to show a dominant performance. We rarely have the luck of other teams.


Koman is a brave man. The schedule is tight, and it is understandable to have a certain degree of rotation facing Getafe, but it is a more risky decision.


The good situation is that the team won Getafe without blood to achieve the rotation, so that the main players such as Kujafati can rest, and the UEFA Champions League is running in the midweek state. Prepare for the two tough battles with Real Madrid and Juventus at full state. This ideal situation is naturally better. but.


Starting the Devil's schedule with a defeat is not a good sign.


Now that you know Getafe is a hard bone, is it better to be conservative?


Of course, no matter how much it is said, it is only an afterthought. If Koeman's risk move is good, he will be more optimistic.


Once switched to positional warfare, Barcelona can use less space and have fewer opportunities to threaten the opponent's goal.


Koeman sent De Jong, Busques and Pedri's midfield trio. Looking at a single individual, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. The overall situation is catastrophic.

Koeman派出De Jong,Busques和Pedri的中场三人组。看着一个人,似乎没有错。总体情况是灾难性的。

Without a B2B midfielder, who will do the dirty work? For the midfielder to stabilize, Coman must solve this problem.


Watching less, if Messi can only be regarded as half a person in the eyes of Director Zhang, the performance of No. 11 can not be regarded as a person, right?


Oh, it's not a human originally, then it's okay.


Grid may really not be suitable for Barcelona, ​​and it is very serious.


After this game, Barcelona Real Madrid lost 5 points with one draw and one loss. The next round of national derby will determine the trend of La Liga this season to a certain extent.


We can only sigh that we missed such a good opportunity to grab points, we can regret it, we can be disappointed.


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