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【亚博yabo手机登录】中超本土观察:老中青3代齐绽放 郜林领衔焕发第2春
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【亚博yabo手机登录】中超本土观察:老中青3代齐绽放 郜林领衔焕发第2春

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   On October 16, the second stage of the 2020 China Ping An Chinese Super League will compete in Suzhou and Dalian. Looking back at the 14 rounds of the first stage that has ended, the performance of local players is remarkable. The veteran Gao Lin and others are in their second spring. Mesozoic Jin Jingdao, Bi Jinhao and others have contributed high-light data, and people such as Han Jiaqi and Tong Lei have emerged, and they can be called endless surprises. Specifically, the shining points of their data are also You can see the rapid progress of local players. In the upcoming second stage of the Super League, I hope these outstanding domestic players will continue to perform wonderfully.




   Although the playing time of local veterans was further squeezed after increasing the number of foreign players on the field, their performance is still remarkable. After joining Shenzhen Kaisa from Evergrande, 34-year-old Gao Lin not only wears the captain's armband, but also serves as an assistant teacher.


   In the first stage, Gao Lin played in 12 league games and scored 5 goals and 1 assist in 973 minutes. He was the team's second scorer and helped the team grab 12 points and averaged 1.1 key goals per game. Although his stamina cannot be compared to his peak period, his restraint and core role in the frontcourt are irreplaceable. At the same time, in the Shenzhen team, Gao Lin's role as a pass and help is also more conducive to the growth of young players.


Zeng Cheng, who also left from Evergrande, became the absolute main force in Shenhua. He made 36 saves and catches in 12 appearances and saved the team at critical moments. He stood in front of the goal at the age of 34 and is still the opposing player. The insurmountable iron gate.


The same 34-year-old Hao Junmin, suffering from injury problems, has reduced his playing time at Luneng this season (6 starts and 3 substitutes for a total of 472 minutes), but still has 1.2 successful steals per game and successful short passes. With a rate of over 85%, he is an indispensable member of the team's important games.



   This season, domestic players have more opportunities to play. As a Mesozoic group, they seized this opportunity well.


   Jin Jingdao is currently the main midfielder of the National Football Team and Luneng. In the first stage of the Super League, he brought his physical strength and tenacious fighting characteristics to the extreme. In the high-intensity running data of all players in the Super League, he ranked first, with a total of 9905.4 meters in his 13 appearances (11 starts, 2 substitutes), averaging 761 meters per game. In terms of total running distance, Jin Jing Road is 12,6987.3 meters, which is only less than Moises in the Luneng team, ranking 14th in the Super League.


   In terms of steals, Jin Jingdao reached 41 times, ranking second in the Super League, averaging 3.15 times per game. In addition, in the number of touches, Jin Jingdao 1,898 times, the Luneng team's most, ranked 8th in the Super League overall rankings, second only to Tang Miao of Guangzhou R&F among domestic players. Obviously, the teammates around Jin Jingdao are used to handing over the ball to him as soon as possible, and he is also proficient in passing control.


   Shanghai Greenland Shenhua suffered a shortage of people this season. When Jin Xinyu was seriously injured, Shalawi left, and Moreno suffered minor injuries, the team's striker was only available to Yang Xu. What the outside world did not expect was that Bi Jinhao, a domestic player, came forward at this time.


Bi Jinhao, who had been a central defender before, was pushed to the front line by Cui Kangxi and became a killer in front of the goal. He scored 4 goals in the key 4 games (round 11 to 14) of the championship group and directly grabbed the team. With 7 points, he averaged 1.4 shots per game, and his short pass success rate was close to 80%, not inferior to the real forward data.


   Since joining Shenhua in the 2016 season, Bi Jinhao has been a substitute role. Last season he played only 8 times and played 675 minutes. After this emergence, Bi Jinhao is expected to continue to bring more surprises in the next second stage.


   In addition, Song Zhiwei, 31-year-old Wuhan Zall, won the Super League steals champion. He made 44 successful steals in 14 appearances (11 starts and 3 substitutes). At the same time, there are 1.3 key clearances and 1.2 successful interceptions per game. Sun Guowen, a 27-year-old Dalian player, ran 9379.3 meters in high-intensity, second only to Jin Jingdao in the Super League.

此外,现年31岁的武汉扎尔(Wuhan Zall)的宋志伟获得了超级联赛抢断冠军。他共出场14次(共11次发球和3次替代),共44次成功抢断。同时,每场比赛有1.3个关键间隙和1.2个成功拦截。 27岁的大连球员孙国文高强度跑9379.3米,仅次于中超联赛的金敬道。



   As the Football Association continues to implement the U23 policy, and the teams attach importance to young players, this group of young talents from 20 to 25 also rises to the next level.


   At the beginning of this season, the 25-year-old Wei Shihao shined, scoring 6 goals in the first 5 rounds and helping the team get 12 points. Especially under the training of Cannavaro, he not only made rapid progress in shooting, but also impeccable attitude. This season, he averaged 0.8 key passes per game, averaging 1 breakthrough per game. In addition to the on-the-spot press, he spared no effort to defend each time.


   Although he has been out of the game due to injuries since the sixth round, his efficiency in scoring a goal in 55.3 minutes per game is already very high. Compared with the top two scorers in the current scorer list, Bakambu (11 goals in 951 minutes, an average of 86.4 minutes) and Malcao (11 goals in 1182 minutes, an average of 107 minutes), Wei Shihao is slightly better.


   Wei Shihao, who has been recruited by Li Tie into the national team, is likely to be entrusted with important tasks in the key game of the second stage, and it is not impossible to compete for the top scorer.


   In the statistics of U23 players, it is R&F's young goalkeeper Han Jiaqi (21 years old) that makes people shine. He played all 14 league games in the first stage, and the goalkeeper Guowei of Shenzhen Kaisa also maintained full attendance.


   In terms of the number of flops and catches, Han Jiaqi reached 49 times, the most goalkeeper in the Super League, and made many magical saves. After the 1-2 loss to Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao in the same city Derby, the audience performed very well, but Han Jiaqi, who regretted that he made a mistake, broke down in tears, which moved many fans.


   Another newcomer worth looking forward to is Tong Lei, a 23-year-old from Dalian. After joining from Greentown this season, he became an important player in Benitez's lineup. In the first stage, he started 13 times with a total playing time of 1110 minutes, ranking fourth among U23 players.


   Tong Lei is characterized by excellent offense and defense, fast speed, daring to break through, and tirelessness. In the first stage, he has dedicated 3 assists. As a full-back, he has a total of 6,993 meters in high-intensity runs; a total running distance of 13,7990.5 meters, ranking 8th in the Super League, and only fewer domestic players than his teammate Sun Guowen (143866.9). Tong Lei has 34 steals, averaging 2.61 times per game, which is among the best in the field. He also has 546 passes.


  The second stage of the Chinese Super League is about to start, and we look forward to the local players' performance in the next games and devote more exciting games to the fans. (Ye Gong)

中国超级联赛的第二阶段即将开始,我们期待下一场比赛中当地球员的表现,并为球迷们奉献更多精彩的比赛。 (叶恭)

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