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With Sun Xingmin and Aldweirelder's goals, Tottenham reversed Arsenal at home and completed the lead over North London's rivals in the standings. In his own half, he patiently organized the defense. The transfer from defense to offense was simple and direct. The lower possession rate was exchanged for more goals. This is another game with a distinctive Mourinho brand. game.


Although the victory is gratifying, Tottenham's defensive performance is worrying. Loselso & Winks were blown by their opponents in the middle of the game, the white line of defense was shaky for a while, and the problem of the midfielder that plagued Mourinho still exists.

尽管胜利令人欣喜,但热刺的防守表现令人担忧。 Loselso&Winks在比赛中途遭到对手的打击,白线防守有些动摇,而困扰穆里尼奥的中场问题仍然存在。

After a week of double-match consumption, Mourinho and Arteta both carried out a certain degree of rotation in this game. The main work of the two coaches in the preparation phase is to choose the formation. Tottenham have recently alternated between the 4231 and 433 blueprints. Arteta’s tactical kit is more substantial. Arsenal have used 442, 4231 and 343 after the rematch. And many other formations.

经过一周的双重比赛消费,穆里尼奥和阿尔塔塔在这场比赛中都进行了一定程度的轮换。两位教练在准备阶段的主要工作是选择编队。热刺最近在4231和433蓝图之间进行了交替。 Arteta的战术工具包更为丰富。复赛后,阿森纳已经使用了442、4231和343。和许多其他形式。

Arteta set up a 343 formation for this campaign, led by David Luiz. The defense line including three full-backs is very flexible, and the Gunners can switch formations according to changes in the battle situation. Tottenham’s formation for this campaign was close to 442. Lucas Jr. and Moussa-Sissoko braked on the two wings. Sun Xingmin was able to withdraw from the heavy defensive task and stay at the top of the formation to play a speed advantage to attack opponents.

阿泰塔(Arteta)在大卫·路易斯(David Luiz)的带领下,为这场运动设立了343支部队包括三名后卫的防御线非常灵活,枪手可以根据战斗情况的变化切换阵型。托特纳姆热刺的阵型接近442。小卢卡斯(Lucas Jr.)和穆萨·西索科(Moussa-Sissoko)踩在两翼上。孙兴民得以从繁重的防御任务中撤出,并停留在阵型的顶端,发挥了进攻对手的速度优势。

The North London Derby is a battle that can make the players refreshed without mobilizing before the war, and the two teams quickly entered the state. Less than one minute after the opening, Lucas Jr. completed a long shot after stealing the ball in the frontcourt. After stabilizing the position, Arsenal began to organize the attack patiently, Lacazette retreated to assist Zaka and Ceballos to smooth the midfield, Tierney and Bellerin used speed to create opportunities from the wings.

北伦敦德比是一场战斗,可以使球员们在战前无需动员即可焕发活力,并且两支球队迅速进入了状态。开场后不到一分钟,小卢卡斯(Lucas Jr.)在前场断球后完成远射。稳定位置后,阿森纳开始耐心地组织进攻,拉卡泽特撤退以协助扎卡和切巴洛斯平整中场,蒂尔尼和贝勒林利用速度创造了机翼机会。

Arsenal attacked on the left, aiming at the defense zone between Aurie and Davidson Sanchez. Moussa-Sissoko not only wants to help Oriya to contain Tierney, but also pay attention to adduct and protect the two "civilian midfielders", which seems a little powerless.


Has not been able to find a reliable combination of central defenders, only Lori is stable on the defensive line, Mourinho can only tilt resources to the backcourt when building a system. Tottenham’s midfielders are well-reserved, but they are full of four different players, lacking a true defensive midfielder and frontcourt organizer, which further increases the load on the strikers. Mourinho requires two full-backs to participate in the defense in depth, and the offensive organization of the counterattack is naturally affected.


Tottenham’s offensive support has three methods. One is Kane’s retracement, which drives more teammates to run and cooperate around him. Sun Xingmin will move to the left to form a joint force with Kane and Lucas; Sun Xingyu and Lucas Jr. have the advantage of speed. Third, the right duo of Moussa-Sissoko & Olier take turns to attack the ball, looking for a chance to pass in the bottom. Lo Celso's addition allows The offense on this side has more changes.

热刺的进攻支持有三种方法。一个是凯恩的撤退,这促使更多的队友在他周围奔跑并合作。孙兴民将向左移动,与凯恩和卢卡斯结盟。孙星宇和小卢卡斯具有速度优势。第三,穆萨-西索科(Moussa-Sissoko)和奥利尔(Olier)的右二人轮流进攻球,寻找底传机会。 Lo Celso的加入使这一方面的进攻有了更多变化。

Kane completed 5 shots in this campaign, and the feeling of the game continued to pick up. If Martinez was not in his state of bravery, Tottenham’s top card would have a chance to score goals. The main reason for the inefficiency of Tottenham's positional warfare is insufficient force in the penalty area, which has appeared many times in Ali's absence. Moussa Sissoko has a heavy defensive task, and to ensure the defensive rate, he cannot sustain the impact on the penalty area.

凯恩(Kane)在这次竞选中完成了5枪,比赛的感觉不断增强。如果马丁内斯(Martinez)处在勇敢的状态,托特纳姆热刺的顶级球员将有机会进球。托特纳姆热刺阵地效率低下的主要原因是在禁区的力量不足,这在阿里缺席的情况下已经多次出现。穆萨·西索科(Moussa Sissoko)的防守任务繁重,为确保防守率,他无法维持对禁区的影响。

In the North London Derby level, the fight for momentum is the key to the tactical game. Tottenham began to organize a positional attack at the end of the first half, creating several dangers. Arteta commanded the team to compete for the ball after changing sides. Ceballos moved forward and Tottenham’s defense line. Feel the pressure.


Mourinho initially had high hopes for Ndombele in building a midfielder combination, but he was soon lost patience with the fragile French body. From Dale & Winks, to Moussa-Sissoko & Ndombele, to Winks & Loscelso, the style of Tottenham's back midfielder has changed greatly. Can not find a combination of offensive and defensive, arranging two "civilian midfielders" to guard the center, Mourinho has broken through himself.


In the match against Manchester City, Lo Celso and Winks were very tough, they dared to take the initiative to grab the ball, and the timing of the tackle and the line prediction were more accurate. In this campaign, Lo Celso and Winks took the initiative to steal the ball, more of standing still, passively waiting for the opponent to attack, their shortcomings in position selection and confrontation were exposed. Davidson Sanchez is more reckless in handling the ball, and Aldverel’s mobility has decreased significantly compared to the peak period. Tottenham’s central defender can hardly provide enough support for the midfielder. Squeezing two full-backs has become a problem for the central axis of the arch. Two ways.

在与曼城的比赛中,卢切尔索和温克斯非常艰难,他们敢于主动抢球,铲球的时机和线的预测更加准确。在这场运动中,卢切尔索(Lo Celso)和眨眼(Winks)主动抢断球,更多地站着不动,被动地等待对手进攻,他们在位置选择和对抗上的缺点被暴露出来。戴维森·桑切斯(Davidson Sanchez)在控球方面更为鲁ck,与高亚博yabo手机峰期相比,阿尔德维尔(Aldverel)的机动性明显下降。热刺的中后卫几乎无法为中场提供足够的支持。挤压两个后卫对于弓的中轴已经成为问题。两种方式。

In the Mourinho era, Tottenham performed poorly in the strong dialogue. In addition to getting three points from Manchester City, they all suffered defeats against Bayern, Manchester United and Liverpool. They even faced Chelsea and RB Leipzig. Double kill. In this campaign, before Aldweirelder scored, Arsenal were closer to the goal, and Tottenham’s performance on the court was hard to be convincing.


In the continuous "six-point game", Tottenham's loss stemmed from the collapse of the defensive system. Mourinho did not believe in the concept of "a bayonet hits the red, score one more than you to win" like some new school coaches did, but squeezed the frontcourt players to maintain the offensive and defensive balance. The heavy defensive task drags down the frontcourt players and increases the probability of their injury. The actual combat effect is also half the effort. The team that Mourinho has coached in the past will not give opponents too many opportunities in low defense. This Spurs is still a long way from the requirements of the madman.


After a kaleidoscope of tactical trials during the Manchester United period, Mourinho still has not changed his team-building mentality of focusing too much on (low) defense. Coincident with the severe aging of Tottenham’s defense line and the slow update, the modelized "foot pain and medical foot treatment" did not achieve the expected effect. Instead, it caused excessive consumption of the original good midfield resources and too many offensive and weak players. She is enduring the painful torture of changing roles, and it is not an overnight effort to solve these problems.


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