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亚博yabo手机登录:别克LPGA青少年高尔夫锦标赛收官 冯珊珊殷若宁观战
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亚博yabo手机登录:别克LPGA青少年高尔夫锦标赛收官 冯珊珊殷若宁观战

Netease Sports reported on September 29:


2020 year


Since last year, the finals of the event have also been upgraded to the Buick China Junior Golf Championship-this is the highest level of youth competition sponsored by the China High-tech Association, and the points of the event have increased significantly.


The 2020 Buick China Junior Golf Championship and Buick National Junior Golf Elite Series finals attracted a total of 226 small players from across the country to sign up for participation. In the end, 100 outstanding players came to the fore and gathered in Shanghai to compete for the championship glory.


In order to ensure safety, the finals are still implemented with high-standard epidemic prevention standards, requiring all personnel entering and exiting the stadium to produce nucleic acid test reports, temperature measurement and health codes, regular and comprehensive disinfection of the competition venue, and optimization of the competition process to avoid gatherings to ensure the smooth and safe holding of the competition. Buick hopes that this series of events will not only provide young players with professional competitive opportunities, but also dispel the haze caused by the epidemic with the spirit of never-say-failure, self-enterprise and transcendence in golf, and give people courage and strength.


Women’s Group A champion Chen Yulin said: “I am very grateful for this hard-won competition opportunity. It has not been a long time since China has held such a high-profile event. After the competition, my confidence and determination have been significantly improved and I look forward to the future. I can stand on the world stage and compete with the world's top players. I also hope that more friends who are interested in golf will have the opportunity to set foot on the course and realize their dreams.


Women's Group A champion Chen Yulin scored 288 strokes (69-74-71-74) in four match days. In 2017 and 2020, she won the championship and the third place in the Guangdong Station of the Buick National Junior Golf Elite Series.


Men's Group A champion Zhou Ziqin scored 279 strokes (69-71-72-67) in four match days. He is also a frequent visitor to the Buick National Junior Golf Elite Series. In the past three years, he has won 4 rounds of championships and two rounds of runner-ups, and this time he finally won the finals.


After the finals, Buick also held a Buick Youth Championship Training Camp and invited Feng Shanshan, a Chinese professional female golf leader, to teach golf for 30 students, and to lead them to appreciate the wisdom and charm of golf.


As the spokesperson of Buick Golf, Feng Shanshan said: "I am honored to have this opportunity to share my experience and insights with enthusiastic teenagers. Golf is a constant challenge to myself, which has allowed me to cultivate concentration, willpower and enterprising spirit. Thank you Buick's strong support for the development of junior golf has given more young people the opportunity to experience the unique charm of golf."


Yin Ruoning, who won the best amateur player of the Buick LPGA Championship and the champion of the Buick Junior Golf Elite Series, said: "High-level training and competition are of great significance to players. Buick has always provided us with the highest level of events. I believe that more professional new stars will be born on this field, which will bring new strength to the future of domestic golf."


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