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On September 30th, Beijing time, the 2020 NBA Finals is about to begin. The Heat have played a super dark horse in three consecutive rounds and have returned to the finals stage for the first time in 6 years. In the face of the Lakers led by Zhanmei dual-core, the Heat still play the role of "challengers", but Butler does not think they are in a disadvantaged position, and rumored that he never considered joining the Lakers last summer. Adebayor recognized that his matchup with the thick eyebrows will be an important factor in determining the outcome. Iguodala expressed his desire to win again, and the Heat coach Spoel gave James a high evaluation.

北京时间9月30日,2020 NBA总决赛即将开始。热火已经连续三轮打出一匹超级黑马,并且已经六年来首次回到决赛阶段。面对詹美双核心带领的湖人队,热火仍然扮演着“挑战者”的角色,但是巴特勒并不认为他们处于不利地位,并且有传言说他去年夏天从未考虑加入湖人队。阿德巴约认识到他与浓密的眉毛的搭配将是决定结果的重要因素。伊格达拉表达了他希望再次获胜的愿望,热火教练斯波尔对詹姆斯给予了很高的评价。



"The toughest" man Butler, he is naturally a key figure for the Heat to complete the rise this season. After all, he became the team leader in the post-Wade era and injected a spirit of iron and blood into the Miami team.


Now Butler led the Heat to return to the Finals for the first time in six years. He also reached the Finals for the first time in his career. Butler was the first to refute rumors in front of the media, saying that he had never considered joining the Lakers last summer. The Lakers, after the free market opened, they met with Spoelstra and Pat Riley. The Heat is the team I want to join."


Butler, who doesn't want to be a Phoenix tail, is so tough. For the Lakers who are more optimistic about winning the championship, Butler does not agree with the outside world. "I don't think we are at a disadvantage. I don't like this statement...I don't Will explain any problems in detail, I am a bad guy."

巴特勒,谁不想成为凤凰的尾巴,是如此艰难。对于更希望获得冠军的湖人队,巴特勒并不认同外界。 “我不认为我们处于不利地位。我不喜欢这样的说法……我不会详细解释任何问题亚博yabo手机登录,我是个坏人。”

Butler is also very confident about himself, especially after going through ups and downs to lead the Heat to rise, allowing him to successfully get rid of the "malignant tumor" charges. After all, the average record of the Bulls, Timberwolves and 76ers has fallen sharply after his departure. Butler said this proudly, "I know I'm on the right path, look at my current situation, Pat Riley gave me the ability to do this."

巴特勒对自己也非常有信心,尤其是经历了起起伏伏导致热火上升之后,他成功摆脱了“恶性肿瘤”的指控。毕竟,公牛,森林狼和76人队的平均战绩在他离开后急剧下降。巴特勒自豪地说:“我知道我在正确的道路上,看看我目前的状况,帕特·赖利(Pat Riley)使我亚博yabo手机能够做到这一点。”

Of course, Butler also thanked the veteran teammates of the Bulls career, saying that they learned the spirit of never giving up. Butler also teased that even if he wins the championship, he would not invite people to drink coffee for free, and his selling coffee in the park has become a fun talk.




In addition to Butler, now the Heat's No. 2 person is naturally the inside core Adebayor, his growth rate is amazing. In the series where the Celtics were eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals, Adebayor had the highest scoring, rebounding, assists, steals and shooting percentages in the team. Such all-around performance is naturally quite outstanding.


Adebayor is looking forward to the finals with the Lakers. He said, "This series will be very interesting. After all, we are going to play, and then play like ours in these series, playing the entire 48 minutes of the Heat. Mode basketball. If necessary, more than 48 minutes (playing overtime)."


The inside matchup between Adebayor and the thick eyebrows will be the key matchup. Adebayor was beaten by the thick eyebrows twice in the regular season. Adebayor naturally recognizes the importance of such a problem, especially that they are still Kentucky. Alumni, "You know, you can't say for sure. This round of the series will be very interesting, as you said, maybe the key to the victory or defeat will lie in the matchup between me and Big Eyebrows, or it may lie in James and Butler."


Adebayor also revealed a small detail. He will continue to wear Kobe sneakers in the finals to pay tribute to the Flying Man. "As you all know, Kobe's significance to this sport, no one wants to believe that he just left. To this day, this It still feels so unreal. You have seen how much Kobe has influenced the world. Since my childhood, Kobe has been my idol. His shoes are my favorite to wear, and I wear them throughout the playoffs. The finals will not stop either."

阿德巴约还透露了一个小细节。他将继续在决赛中穿着神户运动鞋,以向飞人致敬。 “众所周知,科比对这项运动的意义,没有人想相信他刚刚离开了。直到今天,这种感觉仍然如此不真实。你已经看到了科比对世界的影响。自小我就从科比开始一直是我的偶像。他的鞋子是我最喜欢穿的鞋,我在整个季后赛都穿。总决赛也不会停止。”



Iguodala, who has reached the finals for 6 consecutive years, is here again. As James' "old enemy", he also has the opportunity to follow the Heat to the fourth championship of his career. Iguodala became a "frequent visitor" of the finals, and he himself revealed, "I think I really understand the definition of success. A championship may mean something different to me, but I will remain grateful because I know How difficult is this. All my goals are to become more successful, or to achieve my full potential. Continue to win championships, this is also one of my goals."




As the Heat's backcourt engine, Dragic has averaged 20+ points per game this season. He and Butler are currently the only two playoff players averaging 20+ per game for the Heat. Dragic has gone through the transition from the Wedbosh era to the present. He also recognized himself as a bridge role for the team's transition. "I didn't win the championship with them, but as long as you put on the Heat jersey, you will think,'OK, I need to work hard to win and do my duty, just like them.'"

作为热火的后场引擎,德拉季奇本赛季场均得分超过20分。目前,他和巴特勒是仅有的两名季后赛球员,平均每场20+。德拉吉奇经历了从韦德波什时代到现在的过渡。他还认识到自己是团队过渡的桥梁角色。 “我没有和他们一起赢得冠军,但是只要你穿上热火球衣,你就会想,'好吧,我需要像他们一样努力奋斗,去履行职责。'”

Dragic also said, "It is of great significance to me to be able to enter the finals. I am not a person who gives up lightly. I will persevere and work hard to do what I should do. I really want to be able to enter the finals. I am very happy for the finals. But we still have a lot of things to do, and there are still many exciting games to be played (the finals)."


Erik Spoelstra

埃里克·斯波斯特拉(Erik Spoelstra)

In the interview, Heat coach Spoelstra inevitably talked about the departure of James in the summer of 2014. After all, he once coached the Heat in the era of Gianweibo and won the finals twice. Spoel said, "That summer (2014), I reflected on myself for six weeks, and then I still have to return to work."


Spoel also spoke highly of James. After all, James, who has turned 36 in two months, is still a very dominant player. "It is rare for him to still be able to maintain such a high level of competition at his current age. It is a real testament to his greatness that he has put too much effort behind his back in order to maintain such a state."

斯波尔也高度评价詹姆斯。毕竟,在两个月内已满36岁的詹姆斯仍然是一个非常有统治力的球员。 “在他这样的年龄,仍然很少能够保持如此高的比赛水平。这是对他伟大的真实证明,他为保持这种状态付出了巨大的努力。”

The Heat and the Lakers' finals G1 game will start at 9 o'clock on October 1st, Beijing time. Whether the Heat can get a good start is very exciting.


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