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Why can't Chinese football work? Jack Ma gave his own answer at the World Education Forum in Paris: “Education should allow children to learn how to face dangers and face them when problems come. China was very special in the past. We tightly locked our children and made the transition. Protect them..."


"Chinese football is terrible. There are 1.4 billion people who cannot find 11 people to defeat a country with hundreds of thousands of people like the Maldives. There are problems with our culture and education. When we were young, our parents were not allowed to ask challenging questions. When we met When there is a conflict, we will withdraw. So when our football players bring the ball to the front court, they will run away after the conflict."


Because it came from Jack Ma's mouth, these remarks immediately caused widespread discussion in China. If talking about business thinking and e-commerce model, Jack Ma’s words are definitely high in gold; but he thinks the reason why Chinese football is not good is how much gold does it have?


Why can't Chinese football work?


"Facing danger", "face difficulties", "overprotection", "retreat in conflict"... It is not difficult to see from these keywords in Ma Yun's remarks that Ma Yun believes that Chinese football is not good, the main reason is that the mental attributes are too weak.


How important are spiritual attributes in football? Whether it is a football manager or FIFA and other football games, mental attributes are one of the most important data for players. If the technical attributes and physical attributes of the two players are similar, then if one player has a higher mental attribute, theoretically the overall combat effectiveness of the player will be higher than that of the other player.


But do you look at the mental attribute value first when you play the game? Almost not, the first thing to look at is technical attributes and physical attributes. If player A’s mental attributes are full marks and player B’s mental attributes are only 80% of A’s, then player A must be better than B? Of course not. The technical attributes and physical attributes of Player B may be a few blocks away.


Therefore, technical attributes and physical attributes are the fundamental attributes of a player's competitiveness; mental attributes are only bonus attributes of players. If two players have similar physical and technical attributes, then theoretically it depends on who has the stronger spiritual attributes. Of course, the stronger the mental attributes of a player, the better, but this is not the decisive factor for a player's competitiveness.


Jack Ma has a large number of Chinese players whose mental attributes are not strong. The last person to do this was Yinhu Lippi. In the 2018 China Cup, Wanda Group invited Uruguay, Wales and the Czech Republic to accompany the Chinese team in training. The national football team defeated Wales 0-6 in the first game and lost to the Czech Republic 1-4 in the second game. The results of those two games made Lippi furious, he directly criticized the national team for not having to work hard, no sense of honor players.

马云(Jack Ma)有很多中国人,他们的心理素质不强。最后一位这样做的人是Yinhu Lippi。在2018年中国杯中,万达集团邀请乌拉圭,威尔士和捷克共和国陪同中国队参加训练。国家足球队在第一场比赛中以0-6击败威尔士,在第二场比赛中以1-4输给捷克。这两场比赛的结果令利皮大怒,他直接批评国家队不必努力工作,没有荣誉感的球员。

Since then, Lippi will more or less complain about "the player has no sense of honor" every time he loses in a key game. In the face of strong teams like Wales and the Czech Republic, can Chinese players have perfect mental attributes, can they avoid losing or even winning? In the just-concluded East Asian Cup, the mental attributes of the national football team led by Li Tie were praised, but facing the second and even third and fourth teams of Japan and South Korea, the Chinese team still did not have the strength to fight back.


Through his work, Li Tie has made the national football team full of spiritual attributes; but the reason why the national football team cannot parry Japan and South Korea is because of the technical attributes and physical attributes.


Ma Yun attributed the failure of Chinese football to spiritual attributes. This is obviously very one-sided-the player's ability (technical, physical, physical) is not good, no matter how strong the mental attribute is, it will not change the essence of the problem.


Why can't Chinese football work? Why is German football strong? Why is Vietnamese football advancing by leaps and bounds in recent years? In fact, the essence of the problem is whether to follow the laws of football or not. Messi Ronaldo will answer these questions, and any youth training coach will not be able to answer any tricks. It is nothing more than two reasons-

中国足球为什么不能工作?为什么德国足球很强?近年来越南足球为何突飞猛进?实际上,问题的实质是是否遵守足球法则。梅西·罗纳尔多(Messi Ronaldo)将回答这些问题,任何年轻的训练教练都将无法回答任何技巧。无非就是两个原因-

One is the football mass base of a country.


Second, the youth training system is scientific and perfect.


Ma Yun also talked about the impact of the issue of only-child education on Chinese football: "We can do well for one person. Our only child is a little emperor at home. We have to learn teamwork, not teamwork, how does China interact with others? What about national cooperation?"


Are these few words of Jack Ma wrong? Of course there is nothing wrong. There used to be three, four, or even five or six children in a family. Children have to learn to be independent, share and cooperate, and face difficulties and setbacks on their own. Now there is only one child in the family’s six or seven people. I am scared in my mouth-children not only have a weak sense of sharing and cooperation, but also basically have no chance to face suffering and setbacks. Several adults have solved it.


These factors are of course very unfavorable for children to learn to play football. However, these "spiritual attributes" are not the main contradiction caused by the "one-child policy" to the development of Chinese football. The "one-child policy" poses a potential threat to the mass base of football in my country-this is the biggest threat to the development of Chinese football by the "one-child policy".

这些因素对于孩子们学习踢足球当然是非常不利的。但是,这些“精神属性”并不是“一胎化”政策对中国足球发展的主要矛盾。 “独生子女政策”对我国足球的群众基础构成潜在威胁,这是“独生子女政策”对中国足球发展的最大威胁。

In the early years, I heard the older generation say this many times: "There are a few children in the family. I originally hoped that the eldest would be a doctor, the second would be a teacher, and the third would be a business..." At that time, there were many children, and the parents had a lot of views on the future of their children. Choice is a multiple choice question (the future of the family also has a fault tolerance rate).

早年,我听过老一辈人这么说:“家里有几个孩子。我原本希望大儿子是医生,第二个是老师,第三个是生意。 ……”当时有很多孩子,父母对孩子的未来有很多看法。选择是一个选择题(家庭的未来也有容错率)。

Now that two generations have only one child, can the future of the two families bear any mistakes? Could the life path of the only child be a multiple choice question? Therefore, the fact has developed into what it is today. The whole family revolves around a child all day long, and all the financial resources and resources are devoted to the cultivation of the child without reservation.


The previous parents still have a value sequence in their minds: reading first, second in the play football...In the minds of different parents, sports and football rank different in the value sequence. There are differences, but they are hardly ranked first. Sports and football are not the first few in the social value sequence. When two generations and two families have only one child, there are too many options that are better than sports and football when adults plan their lives for children.


Most families caused by the one-child policy cannot afford to make mistakes, making the option of “football” farther away from most only-children.


All the property of a family is used to train children to "study", and children have endless practice questions every day... Whether it is the family's financial resources and ideas, or the children's time and energy, children are not allowed to get too close to football . In the past, three or four brothers and sisters spent half an hour playing in the yard. Now the only child may have to squeeze out to enroll in interest classes, math classes and cram schools.


Can sports and football really not be in the top two places in the social value sequence? At present, the British elite education system regards sports as the greatest treasure of elite education; China’s current situation is just like you and me, and it is temporarily impossible to fully address the value of sports-this is determined by China’s economic, social and cultural development. , This is the national conditions of our country.

体育和足球真的不能在社会价值序列中排在前两位吗?目前,英国的精英教育体系将体育视为精英教育的最大宝藏。中国的现状就像你我一样,暂时无法充分体现体育的价值-这取决于中国的经济,社会和文化发展。 ,这是我国的国情。

This demographic status superimposed on the status quo of social values ​​poses a potential threat to the mass base of Chinese football.


The second is the problem of the youth training system. There may also be a very small number of families in China that put sports and football first in the value sequence, but they dare not give their children's lives to the youth training system of Chinese football. Why?


Why do a small number of parents who are determined to let their children play football when their children are seven or eight years old? The nature of this problem is the same as that many families want their children to study hard and send their children to the UK at the age of seven or eight. It is also called the "youth training system". The youth training system of British football faces the same piece of material, and its ability to polish and polish is stronger than that of China. The development process of the British youth training system is more than a hundred years longer than that of the Chinese youth training system. Whether it is the concept of youth training, the level of youth training coaches, or the hardware and software facilities, it is stronger than the Chinese youth training system.


The comparison between the British youth training system and the German youth training system has indeed reached a level and advanced level. The comparison between the Chinese football youth training system and the British youth training system is a comparison of whether it is standardized, sound, perfect, scientific, and transparent.


In other words, if you compare the British youth training and the German youth training to two people, the two people are more capable of comparing who they are. If you compare Chinese football to one person, then that person’s right and wrong views, values, and basic personality Quality requires a big question mark. No family will put their children in the hands of a bad guy-talent, hard work, and even ability are not necessarily seen and reflected. This is the current development of the Chinese football youth training system.


Why do Chinese parents insist on letting their children study? Chinese education is relatively fair: talent, hard work and ability will be reflected fairly.


Why do most Chinese parents dare not let their children play football? Because China’s youth training system is still in its early stages of development, and regardless of the competitiveness of this talent training mechanism, in this system, talents, hard work, and abilities are now viewed by the eyes of power, not fair and transparent magnifying glasses. .

为什么大多数中国父母不敢让孩子踢足球?由于中国的青年培训体系仍处于发展的初期阶段,而不论这种人才培训机制的竞争力如何,在这种体系中,如今的人才,努力工作和能力都是由权力的眼光看待的,而不是公正,透明地放大。眼镜。 。

Why can't Chinese football work? The answer is there, no matter how you go around the mountains and rivers, no matter how many young people, if the development of Chinese football wants to make a real breakthrough, there will be no shortcuts to bypass these two basic points-football mass base and youth training system construction . The reason is as simple as that, but it is too difficult for the current China to implement it for decades.


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