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Juventus Inter Milan are all battling their big moves at the final stage. Who can Alonso & Chiesa get in place first? There are 4 days left in the transfer market, and it will end at 0 AM on the 6th. Serie A double-power Inter Juventus continued to move, and the final stage was holding back big moves. Inter Milan is Alonso, Juventus is Chiesa Junior. Inter Milan’s fourth sign Damian had a physical examination today, and 2.5 million came from Parma. Add another general to the defense line, similar to Dan Bo, with either a wing midfielder or a wing midfielder. Tottenham still did not raise the offer to Skriniar. The total price is currently 44 million, which is 6 million short of Inter Milan's minimum requirement. "Diners" are likely to stay in the team. Slovakia coach Harpar said to the outside world: "Szke told me that I haven't communicated much with Conte recently, but the club told him that there are still plans for the future, I think he will stay. Of course, I can't say about the transfer. " Dalbert decided to transfer to Rennes in Ligue 1 (the first time he played in the Champions League in the new season). He has arrived in France yesterday. Gazzetta dello Sport reported 1.5 million loan and 12 million priority buyout. Dalbert released a left-back spot and would attack Alonso at Chelsea. He has quarreled with Lampard and fell out. But as of now, Chelsea has rejected Inter Milan’s first-phase offer, that is, rent first and buy later, saying that it will not rent but buy and sell. Alonso himself has told Chel that he wants to go to Inter Milan and Conte to renew the front. Inter Milan did not launch a strong attack on Alonso, but also wanted to get Nainggolan transfer and save his after-tax annual salary of 4.5 million before proceeding. Naingolan has decided to go, just want to return to Cagliari, and Godin signed a contract for three years, to spread the total salary of Inter Milan's remaining two years into three years. Godin said in his grand debut at Cagliari this Wednesday: "I'm waiting for Nainggolan, knowing he just wants to come back here." So, Naing's absence from the last round of "pharyngitis" seemed more like an excuse. Inter Milan gave a discount when negotiating with Cagliari yesterday. On Tuesday, it was 12 million. Yesterday it was reduced to 10 million. Leasing + compulsory buyout. Nain was worth 38 million when he joined Inter. Inter actually paid less than 24 million. Shrinked nearly 3/4 due to rollout. Cagliari wanted to squeeze two young players into the bargain price, but Inter Milan only had one person: the midfielder Radinetti, Cagliari may actually pay 8 million next year. "Gazzetta dello Sport" predicts: Nain will leave the team for Sardinia as soon as possible today, Cagliari No. 4 jersey is left to him, coach Di Francisco hopes that Sunday League can use "Ninja". "Waste" Asamoah refused to go to Samp and Genoa, and will terminate the contract with Inter Milan. Lanozia now sees the high probability of staying in the team, DeVry's substitute. Juventus has the same constraints as Inter Milan. If they can't sell people, they won't have the funds and salary to release Chiesa. Juventus would like to copy Morata’s transfer method. This year and next year, 10 million will be loaned out, 35 million will be given priority to buy out in the next year, and 5 million will be given in bonuses in the next year, which will be paid in 4 years. Purple Lily agrees with installment payments and a 2-year lease first, but requires a mandatory buyout in 2022. Juventus wanted to clean up the lineup before introducing Chiesa. Rugani received quotations from Rennes and Newcastle. Khedira did not make an offer, and Juventus must pay the break-up fee before agreeing to terminate the contract. If it can’t be sold, Chiesa can only postpone it until next year.

尤文图斯国际米兰都在最后阶段与自己的重大举措作斗争。 Alonso&Chiesa首先可以任命谁? 转会市场还剩4天,它将在6日的凌晨0点结束。意甲联赛的尤文图斯继续前进,而最后阶段则阻止了大动作。国际米兰是阿隆索,尤文图斯是基耶萨少年。 国际米兰的第四个迹象达米安今天进行了身体检查,其中250万人来自帕尔马。向国防线增添另一名将军,如丹波,使用机翼中场或机翼中场。托特纳姆亚博yabo手机热刺仍然没有提高对斯克里尼亚尔的报价。目前总价格为4400万美元,比国际米兰的最低要求低600万美元。 “晚餐”很可能会留在团队中。斯洛伐克教练哈珀(Harpar)对外界说:“斯克(Szke)告诉我,我最近与孔戴(Conte)的交流不多,但俱乐部告诉他,未来仍有计划,我想他会留下来。当然,我可以。”不要说转让。” 达伯特决定在联赛1中转会雷恩(这是他在新赛季第一次参加欧洲冠军联赛)。他昨天到达法国。 Gazzetta dello Sport报告了150万笔贷款和1200万笔优先买断。达伯特(Dalbert)释放了一个左后卫位置,并将在切尔西(Chelsea)进攻阿隆索(Alonso)。他已经与兰帕德吵架,跌倒了。但截至目前,切尔西已经拒绝了国际米兰的第一阶段报价,即先租后买,并表示不会租房而是买卖。阿隆索本人已经告诉切尔,他想去国际米兰和孔戴续约。 国际米兰没有对阿隆索发动猛烈进攻,但他还想让内戈兰转会并在继续之前节省他的税后年薪450万美元。纳辛格兰决定去,只想返回卡利亚里,戈丁签了一份为期三年的合同,将国际米兰剩下的两年的总薪金分摊到三年内。戈丁本周三在卡利亚里(Cagliari)的盛大处女秀中说:“我正在等待纳因戈兰(Nainggolan),他知道他只是想回到这里。”因此,Naing离开上一轮“咽炎”似乎更像是一个借口。 国际米兰昨天与卡利亚里进行谈判时给予了折扣。周二是一千二百万。昨天它减少到了1000万。租赁+强制收购。纳因加盟国际米兰时的身价为3800万。国米实际支付不到2400万。由于推出,收缩了近3/4。卡利亚里想把两名年轻球员挤进讨价还价的价格,但国际米兰只有一个人:中场拉迪内蒂,卡利亚里明年可能实际支付800万。 《米兰体育报》预言:纳因今天将尽快离开球队前往撒丁岛,而卡利亚里4号球衣则留给他,主教练迪弗朗西斯科希望周日联赛能够使用“忍者”。 “废物”阿萨莫阿拒绝前往桑普和热那亚,并将终止与国际米兰的合同。 Lanozia现在看亚博yabo手机到DeVry的替补球员留在球队的可能性很大。 尤文图斯与国际米兰的约束相同。如果他们不能卖人,他们将没有释放基耶萨的资金和薪水。尤文图斯想复制莫拉塔的转帐方式。今年和明年,将借出1000万,明年将优先购买3500万,明年将发放500万奖金,奖金将在4年内支付。紫百合(Purple Lily)同意分期付款并首先获得2年租约,但要求在2022年进行强制收购。 尤文图斯在介绍基耶萨之前想清理阵容。 Rugani收到了雷恩和纽卡斯尔的报价。赫迪拉没有提出要约,尤文图斯必须先支付分手费,然后才同意终止合同。如果无法出售,基耶萨只能将其推迟到明年。

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