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亚博yabo手机:法网本土宠儿力克17号种子 连续五年闯进次轮
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  France, Paris-On September 27th local time, the 2020 French Open season kicked off. Local darling Garcia beat the 17th seed Kontavit 6-4 3-6 6-4 to get a good start.

法国巴黎-当地时间9月27日,2020年法国公开赛赛季开始。当地亲爱的加西亚(Garcia)以17-4的比分亚博yabo手机击败康塔维特(Kontavit)6-4 3-6 6-4,获得了一个好的开始。

   There are currently three French players between the 40th and the 50th in the WTA world rankings. No. 45 Garcia is one of them. The other two are Muradnovich and Fero. Today, she eliminated Kontavit after a fierce battle of 2 hours and 05 minutes and became the first of the three to advance. She passed the first round of the Grand Slam in her hometown for five consecutive years.

目前,在WTA世界排名中,有三名法国选手排在第40位和第50位之间。 45号加西亚就是其中亚博yabo手机之一。另外两个是Muradnovich和Fero。今天,在经过2小时5分钟的激烈战斗之后,她淘汰了Kontavit,并成为前进三局中的第一人。她连续五年在自己的家乡通过了大满贯的第一轮比赛。

   "Both of us are more aggressive players," Garcia said after the game, "(Contavit) She has always been very strong, always fighting to the last minute, and rarely loses to opponents ranked lower than her."


   "Today I dominated more rounds, the best way is to take the initiative to score this point, which is where I did better than her in the final set," Garcia added.


The best record of the former world fourth in the home Grand Slam is to reach the quarter-finals in 2017. She also broke a big upset at the US Open earlier, and lost the top seed Ka Pliskova in the second round. . Faced with the famous Estonian star who just defeated himself in Rome last week, Garcia overcame the unfavorable situation of one break behind in the final set twice and chased the record of the two sides to a 2-2 tie.

在本届大满贯赛事中,前世界第四的最好成绩是在2017年闯入四分之一决赛。她还早些时候在美国公开赛上打破了重大不安,并在第二轮中输给了头号种子Ka Pliskova。 。面对上周刚在罗马击败自己的著名爱沙尼亚球星,加西亚克服了最后一盘落后两次的不利局面,将双方的战绩追成2-2并列。

   The performance of the two sides today is very close, and the serve and net efficiency are comparable. The two each got seven break points today, and Garcia laughed to the end with one more break, which happened to come from the last game of the audience.


   Garcia said that the deciding set brought him "a lot of satisfaction. At the beginning of the deciding set, I had a hard time and I had some opportunities, but I didn't grasp it."


"Then I tried to attack her second serve more, because I was not active enough in the face of the opportunity," Garcia continued, "She will not give this point to me, I have to fight for it myself. I find it in the end A good balance."


At the beginning of the game, Kontavit resolved the crisis of 15-40 at the beginning, but in the end it was Garcia who completed the decisive break of the first set-the French girl brought out another with a fore-shot winning point at 3-3. The break point was successfully fulfilled with Kontavit backhanded back to the net.

在比赛开始时,Kontavit在开始时解决了15-40的危机,但最终由加西亚完成了第一盘的决定性突破-法国姑娘在第二场比赛中以先发制人的优势赢得了另一盘胜利。 3-3。通过将Kontavit交回网络,成功实现了突破点。

   A volley score gave Garcia a 5-3 lead, and then she used a second Ace to cash in the first set of points in the serve win, and went smoothly. So far, the local darling has 14 winning points recorded, twice as many as his opponent.


   The Estonian ran into trouble again in the second set, but she still managed to secure her hair and finally gained a foothold. In the fourth game, she improved her firepower and broke serve, and then secured her serve with a love game, bringing the score to 4-1.


   Although Garcia saved three break points in the next tug of service to avoid being pulled apart by the opponent, she failed to find another chance to break back. Kontavit kept the advantage until the end of the set, and both sides returned to the same starting line.

尽管加西亚在下一次拔河比赛中节省了三个破发点,以避免被对手拉开,但她没有找到再次破发的机会。 Kontavit一直保持优势,直到比赛结束,双方都回到了同一起跑线。

   entered the decisive set, the 17th seed took the lead, and even broke the lead to secure a 2-0 lead. However, the French increased the depth of the return, forcing the opponent to make more mistakes, and later completed the break to catch up to a 3-3 tie.


   Then the two sides exchanged another serve. At the critical moment, Garcia went to 5-4 and gave all the pressure to the opponent. She quickly brought out two match points with the forehand firepower and successfully ended the battle on the first one.


   Garcia will face Belarusian Sasnovich in the second round, who also struggled in three sets to beat German player Fred Sam 6-2 2-6 6-3.

加西亚将在第二轮面对白俄罗亚博yabo手机登录斯选手萨斯诺维奇,后者也经历了三盘苦战以6-2 2-6 6-3击败德国选手弗雷德·萨姆。



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