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Japanese football is always a topic that cannot be avoided for Chinese fans.


Their national team competed with the European and American powers in the World Cup. Their overseas players traveled all over the five major European leagues. Their high school football league is full of youth and passion. Whenever I see these news about Japanese football, as a Chinese fan, no matter what Whether you like them or not, there will inevitably be a trace of sourness in your heart.


When time returned to more than 30 years ago, the Japanese national team failed to score a goal in the 1988 Asian Cup, ranking first among all participating teams.


In the 1990 World Cup qualifiers, although the Chinese team finally experienced the "black three minutes" missed the World Cup, the Japanese team at that time was not even qualified to compete with the Chinese team. They were eliminated in the group stage.


And thirty years later, football development in Japan can be so successful, it is by no means a simple matter of paying close attention to youth training.


Why is the high school football meeting so popular? What does the support manager of the J League do? Where do Brazil, Germany, England, and Japan learn from?

为什么高中足球会议如此受欢迎? J联赛的支持经理做什么?巴西,德国,英国和日本从哪里学习?

From now on, Vero will publish an exclusive first series of articles "Japanese Football Code" in Hupu, telling everyone about Japanese football anecdotes, updated on time every Wednesday, welcome all JRs to pay attention, thank you for your support!

从现在开始,Vero将在Hupu上独家发表第一系列文章“ Japan Football Code”,向大家介绍日本足球轶事,每周三按时更新,欢迎所有JR关注,谢谢您的支持!

Football is the best friend. This is the life creed of the protagonist Da Kongyi in "Captain Tsubasa". When we talk about football, we often talk about championships, victories, tactics, and worth. It has been a long time since we thought of the happiness that football originally brought us.


In the first article of the series, let’s talk about this anime "Captain Tsubasa" which has an extraordinary influence in the football world.


On December 30, 1980, in the Spanish World Cup Asian qualifiers, the Japanese team lost 0 to 1 to North Korea and ended their journey to the World Cup. At that time, baseball was the most popular sport in Japan, and few people paid attention to football. The consecutive defeats of the Japanese national team in the Olympics and World Cup qualifiers have brought Japanese football into a cold winter.


Almost no one thought that the first fire that melted this cold winter period was brought by a manga rookie.


The author Takahashi Yoichi's favorite sport since childhood was baseball. After entering middle school, he joined the baseball club. He was deeply influenced by the baseball manga "Star of the Giant" and he aspired to become a cartoonist.


In the third year of high school, the 1978 World Cup in Argentina was broadcast for the first time in Japan, and Takahashi Yoichi felt the great charm of football for the first time on TV.


After graduation, there was fierce competition for comics based on baseball, so Takahashi chose the unpopular football as the subject.


In 1981, the comic "Captain Tsubasa" was officially published in "Junior Weekly JUMP". The story of the protagonist Dakongyi and his friends chasing football dreams is deeply loved by readers.


In 1983, TV TOKYO broadcasted a cartoon of the same name "Captain Tsubasa" with a rating of 21.2% at one time, making it the highest-rated animation work in the history of East TV.


No child is born to like football, but almost all children have no resistance to cartoons. Countless children are deeply attracted by this football-themed cartoon. For a time, the number of junior football teams in schools has surged, and football is often out of stock in sporting goods stores.


With the popularity of "Captain Tsubasa", Takahashi Yoichi has continued to release sequels, "Captain Tsubasa World Youth Chapter", "Captain Tsubasa Road TO 2002", "Captain Tsubasa Golden-23" and "Captain Tsubasa Overseas Excitement". "Fighting Serie A", "Captain Football Fighting Overseas: La Liga" and other works have also appeared one after another.

随着“ Tsubasa船长”的流行,高桥阳一继续发行续集《 Tsubasa船长世界青年篇》,《 Tsubasa途中之路2002》,《 Tsubasa Golden-23船长》和《 Tsubasa海外兴奋》。 “甲级联赛”,“海外足球队长:西甲”等作品也陆续出现。

While the readers have grown up, the characters in the comics have also grown from elementary school students to football superstars in various leagues.


Dakongyi joined La Liga giants Barcelona to help the team win the La Liga championship, while his "enemy for life" Matsuji joined Serie A's Juventus. This really makes people think of the "peerless double pride" in reality.


Wings' golden partner Da Lang became a member of Paris Saint-Germain in French Ligue 1, and another good friend Wakam joined Bayern Munich to become the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga.

Wings的黄金搭档Da Lang成为法国Ligue 1巴黎圣日耳曼俱乐部的成员,另一个好朋友Wakam加入了拜仁慕尼黑,成为德甲联赛最佳守门员。

The teams they represent are their opponents in this year's Champions League final.


However, what really breaks the Dimensional Wall is the appearance of characters based on realistic stars in the work.


For example, Juan Diaz, based on Maradona, can pass the entire team by one person.

例如,基于马拉多纳的胡安·迪亚兹(Juan Diaz)可以让一个人超过整个团队。

The cheerful, funny Naniduo is very similar to Ronaldinho in reality, but he joined Real Madrid in the comics.


The French captain, Allu Stu-Pierre, has the same flowing hairstyle and gorgeous football skills as Platini.

法国队长阿鲁·斯图-皮埃尔(Allu Stu-Pierre)具有与普拉蒂尼(Platini)相同的发型和出色的足球技巧。

Germany's Karl Heinz Schneider, like Rummenigge, has become Bayern's famous star.

像鲁梅尼格(Rummenigge)一样,德国的卡尔·海因茨·施耐德(Karl Heinz Schneider)成为了拜仁的著名明星。

Also, it is said that Xiao Junguang, the Chinese player who made the Japanese team tremble, is based on Jia Xiuquan who was once in the J League.


"Captain Tsubasa" has influenced this generation of Japan in this way. Baseball is no longer their only hobby. They began to play football, began to pay attention to world football, and began their football dream.


However, no matter how popular "Captain Tsubasa" is, the series itself has always been questioned.


The painting style is low and young, the characters are monotonous, and the plot is old-fashioned. They are just works drawn according to the standard templates of sports cartoons at that time. Compared with the later "Slam Dunk", "Captain Tsubasa" is really not a high-quality work.


Okay, now we will start the joyful Tucao mode.


Let me talk about the style of painting first. Since it is a football story of a group of elementary school students, it is not a big problem if the style is naive.


But when Namba goalkeeper Taiichi Nakanishi played, it refreshed my understanding of elementary school students. Are you telling me this is a pupil? ?


Later, after reading the World Youth Edition, I discovered that the primary school students are actually doing well. What the hell are these head-to-body ratios when they grow up?


Except for the Tachibana brothers, how come there are twins everywhere in this animation? Who will tell me which is Zhengchun and which is Matsuyama?


How does this plum look exactly like the big sister's head?


Da Lang, haven't you gone abroad? Why did you wear the Toho team jersey in a blink of an eye?


Also, how many teams do you play for Alio at the same time?


The football game itself is even more involved. There is no tactics at all. The main way for both sides to attack and defend is to enlarge their moves. Curve shooting, Tiger shooting, double shooting are all acceptable.


The reactionary quick news gun, the cannon shoots the ball, the anti-tank rocket launcher, is this kicking or fighting?


As for the high-altitude hurricane of the Tachibana Brothers, I watched and laughed once, and I was really worried that it would be funny than the elementary school students would go to the playground to practice this trick after class.

至于立花兄弟(Tachibana Brothers)的高空飓风,我曾经看过又笑过,我真的担心,这比小学生下课后去操场练习这个技巧要有趣。

And no matter how awesome these tricks are, they can't match the protagonist Da Kongyi's tricks, the star-attracting Dafa-you will, and I will see it.


The referee inside was also blind, and he couldn't see all kinds of fouls and falls during the game. It wasn't until I watched 45 episodes that I found out that there was a yellow card in this cargo's pocket.


This is nothing. For the sake of the plot arrangement, when the winglet's ball was about to roll the goal, this guy decisively blew the whistle and the game ended and the goal was invalid!


In addition, the tempo of the story is surprisingly slow. The shooting for one second can be recalled for half an hour, while the final between Nange and Minghe played 16 episodes.


Even in Spain, the term captain football has become a common saying used to describe slow work.


The plot of the story is almost the same as other sports animation works, from elementary school to middle school, dominating the country, and then winning the world championship.


In the entire series of works, Winglet has only lost one game. No matter how strong the opponent is, the process of the game is standard backwardness, injury, magnification, and reversal.


Yes, in a country where excellent animation works are everywhere, the production level of "Captain Tsubasa" is really not high.


But is it too harsh for us to evaluate this work 30 years ago from today's perspective?


Moreover, when we talk about "Captain Tsubasa" here, we often overlook the most important point. The audience of this animation is children.

而且,当我们在这里谈论“ Tsubasa上尉”时,我们常常忽略了最重要的一点。这个动画的观众是孩子。

In their world, illogical pictures are not so important, and those wild moves are the simplest and most direct attraction to them.


An animation can make them have a great interest in football, which is enough, not to mention that there are three very correct views in the film.


From this perspective, "Captain Football" is already a very good work.


Of the 23 Japanese national team players in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, 16 of them stated that they started playing because they watched "Captain Tsubasa". Other foreign players affected by the captain can even have more than one All-Star lineup.


Piero is a fan of Misaki Taro and has practiced his short pass hundreds of times.

Piero是Misaki Taro的粉丝,已经练习了数百次短传。

During the World Cup in Korea and Japan, Inzaghi frantically bought a lot of "Captain Tsubasa" as souvenirs.


When Gattuso was in elementary school, he had to go home on time at 4:30 in the afternoon because "Captain Tsubasa" started broadcasting at that point.


Totti broke himself into a fracture in order to practice pine nuts's nirvana,'tiger shooting'.


Torres: "Because Dakongyi's dream is the tallest and biggest dream of every teenager."


Podolski once wore a customized version of "Captain Tsubasa" sneakers to the game.

波多尔斯基(Podolski)曾在比赛中穿着量身定制的“ Captain Tsubasa”运动鞋。

Messi said in an interview that "Captain Tsubasa" had a great influence on his football career.


Whenever a star comes to Japan, arranging a meeting between the star and Yoichi Takahashi has become a traditional show.


In "Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002", Ozora Tsubasa transferred from Sao Paulo to Barcelona, ​​and the Barcelona club immediately gifted Takahashi Yoichi the VIP qualification for free admission.

在《通向2002年的上尉路》中,Ozora Tsubasa从圣保罗转移到了巴塞罗那,巴塞罗那俱乐部立即授予高桥洋一免费入场的VIP资格。

Although he did not have much time to watch the Nou Camp, the then Real Madrid chairman Sanz publicly asked: "Why not let Dakongyi and Raul fight side by side?"


From 1980 to the late 1980s, the number of primary school age teams in Japan increased from 2,967 to 7,451, and junior high school teams increased from 1,717 to 4357. The number of elementary school players registered in the Football Association has also increased from 110,000 to 260,000.


Football commentator Sergio Echigo said with a smile: "A comic of "Captain Tsubasa" has done my work for 30 years in just two years."

足球解说员佐吉奥(Ergio Echigo)笑着说:“短短两年时间里,一部漫画《翼虎上尉》完成了我30年的创作。”

Can an animation work really have such a big impact?


In fact, the growth of the Japanese football population is inseparable from the school sports reform implemented in 1981. Since then, football has been listed as an important content of school sports teaching.


It is not so much that "Captain Tsubasa" has promoted the development of Japanese football, but rather it is the status of the world's number one football sport, and Japan's developed animation industry has jointly achieved the status of "Captain Tsubasa".

“ Tsubasa上尉”并没有促进日本足球的发展,而已成为世界排名第一的足球运动的地位,日本发达的动漫界也共同获得了“ Tsubasa上尉”的地位。

With the recovery of the Japanese economy after the war, by the 1970s, the domestic animation market in Japan was very mature and saturated. For a larger market, they choose to export animation works overseas at low prices.


At the same time, due to the development of TV broadcasting technology, football has become the most popular sport in the world. Under such a background, a football-themed animation work has naturally become the king of popularity.


This is why the better quality "Slam Dunk", "Baseball Hero" and other works can not produce the impact of "Captain Tsubasa".


However, many people say that "Captain Football" has not reached the point. Its work itself is not excellent, and its huge influence is actually mainly due to the BUFF of football itself. Its most important significance lies in being a part of the cultural industry. Ring, the promotion of football.


If there is no "Captain Tsubasa", then there will inevitably appear in Japan such works as "Football Hero" and "Football Master" to influence the football world.


In fact, in addition to "Captain Tsubasa", there are many excellent football themed works such as "Football Storm", "Reversal Supervision", "The Whistle" and so on, including "Detective Conan" which everyone knows well, and more than one appearance of football Elements.


As part of the cultural influence, the most important significance of "Captain Tsubasa" is to enable countless children to have an enlightenment to football. Interests are always the best teachers.


Do e-sports that have emerged in recent years need to call for youth training? There is no need at all. The needs of the market have led to the emergence of batches of training institutions.


When we talk about the development of Chinese football, many people talk about youth training. Youth training is only one part of the development of the entire football industry, and the development of a country's football must be affected by society, politics, economy, culture, history and other aspects.


Vero said: Maybe it is difficult for us to find a Takahashi Yoichi who belongs to China, but whether it is a novel or a movie, a game or a program, when we strive to make the elements of football appear more At this time, so that football affects more people, the slight light will definitely help Chinese football.

Vero说:也许我们很难找到一个属于中国的Takahashi Yoichi,但是无论是小说还是电影,游戏还是节目,当我们努力使足球的元素更多地出现时,为了让足球影响更多的人,微弱的灯光肯定会帮助中国足球。

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