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亚博yabo手机登录_足协欲邀请洋哨执法中超第二阶段 泰国裁判已婉拒
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According to the news from the Thai media on October 3, Thailand’s top referee Sivakon Buudong has received an invitation from the Chinese Football Association. He hopes that he can set off for China on October 4 and enforce the Chinese Super League until November 12. . However, the international referee has declined the invitation of the Chinese Football Association, but stayed in Thailand to continue to enforce the Thai Super League. It can be seen from this information that in response to a series of controversial penalties in the first stage of the Super League, the relevant parties still hope to invite foreign referees to enforce the second stage of the game. However, this news has not been confirmed by the Chinese Football Association.

根据泰国媒体10月3日的消息,泰国最高裁判西瓦康·布东(Sivakon Buudong)已收到中国足协的邀请。他希望他可以在10月4日出发前往中亚博yabo手机国,并在11月12日之前执行中国超级联赛。但是,国际裁判拒绝了中国足协的邀请,而是留在泰国继续执行泰国超级联赛。从这些信息可以看出,为应对中超联赛第一阶段的一系列有争议的处罚,有关方面仍希望邀请外国裁判员加强比赛的第二阶段。但是,这一消息尚未得到中国足协的证实。

  The first stage of the Chinese Super League has ended smoothly. Whether it is from the organization or arrangement of the competition, it is worthy of full praise. The only regret is that the dispute surrounding the referee's penalties during the game has never been settled. Of course, some clubs hope to release and alleviate the pressure through referees under the weight of losing, but it has to be said that the professional capabilities and professional standards shown by some referees in the enforcement process deserve to be further improved. . It is precisely because of this that the call for inviting foreign referees to enforce the law will be heard again.

中国超级联赛的第一阶段已经顺利结束。无论是从比赛的组织还是比赛的安排上,都应得到充分的称赞。唯一的遗憾是,比赛期间与裁判员的处罚有关的争议尚未解决。当然,有些俱乐部希望在失去裁判的压力下释放并减轻裁判的压力,但是必须说,某些裁判在执法过程中表现出的专业能力和专业水平有待进一步提高。 。正是因为如此,邀请外国裁判执行法律的呼吁将再次被听到。

   However, under the epidemic situation, reality determines the difficulty of inviting foreign referees. On the one hand, due to domestic anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic restrictions, all foreigners entering the country must first be isolated for 14 days, which makes it difficult for foreign referees to come to China to appear in the league match after being invited. On the other hand, international flights around the world have not yet fully returned to normal. Even if the invited referees are willing to enforce the Chinese Super League, they may be affected by international flights and cannot come to China. Therefore, it is obviously unrealistic to hire foreign referees to enforce the Chinese Super League.


According to Thai media reports on October 3, Sivakorn Pu-udom, currently recognized as the number one international referee in Thai football, has received an invitation from the Chinese Football Association. From January to November 12, go to China to enforce the Chinese Super League. Calculated from the time schedule, the Chinese Super League will start on October 16th. If it departs and arrives in China on October 4th, it should be a 14-day quarantine period, and then the quarantine will be lifted on October 18th, and then law enforcement can begin. Chinese Super League. Moreover, according to the Thai media, even during this 14-day quarantine period, the Chinese Football Association will pay work remuneration according to normal working days, which is 300 US dollars a day. However, Buudon himself stated in an interview with the Thai media that he has politely declined the invitation from China and will stay in Thailand to enforce the Thai Super League, because the Thai Super League will restart from mid-September and requires a large number of referees. Participate in law enforcement.


   Chinese fans should be familiar with this Thailand's number one referee, because after he became an international referee in early 2013, he was invited by the Chinese Football Association to come to China to enforce some Chinese Super League matches. The first Chinese Super League game he enforced was the third round of the 2013 Chinese Super League match between Tianjin Teda and Zhejiang Greentown; then the sixth round of Beijing Guoan vs. Guizhou Renhe, and the 20th round of Wuhan Zall vs. Changchun Yatai The key battle of relegation is played by him. The most recent game he enforced related to the Chinese team was the third round of the East Asian Cup in South Korea on December 18, 2019. The Chinese team played against the Hong Kong team of China. At that time, the Chinese team won 2-0. Currently one of the elite referees trained by the AFC.


Although the news in the Thai media cannot be corroborated, and it is not clear whether the Chinese Football Association has contacted referees from other member associations besides the Thai referees, but one thing is certain, that is, to ensure the smooth progress of the second stage of the league. To avoid many referee disputes in the first stage of the league, the Chinese Football Association has been actively thinking of ways, even including the use of foreign referees. From this perspective, Chinese local referees still need to continue their efforts. When foreign referees are not in place, they should seize the opportunity to improve their business ability and level, and strive to ensure that there are as few mistakes and fewer mistakes as possible in the second stage of the league. Cause controversy to ensure that this year's league can be successfully completed.


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