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First, looking at the left side, I think Fraporta’s offensive and defensive is more distinctive. The style is similar to Atlanta’s Goshen. Offensively, he can pass through, he can simply cooperate and he can enter the penalty area to grab points, and he can basically return to the area on defense. Or the position participates in assisting defense or marking, you can really focus on it. Second, since Chiesa is here, the right-wing guard must be him. He has outstanding up and down ability, can run clearly without the ball, can interact well with teammates on the right, and has a good assist awareness ability and can jump. Gao various feeds haha, defensive time should be considered conscientious, overall he is a little bit better than Bao in this position. Third, I would definitely choose healthy fat and thin men for the two central defenders. They are young and have outstanding advantages. The coverage is completely unattainable by the two elders. The athletic function is also better than the two elders by a grade. The high-altitude ball is strong and willing to fight against the body. Modern football This is very important. Shiyiwei's turning speed, stretching his legs, smiling and spreading his hands, should be rotated in one go. Coconut is also obviously slowing down too much. It is completely dependent on will, quality and experience to complete the task, and after two years of heat is used to enter the management team. Fourth, the second forward I want to play with the Skeleton fighter first. At least it’s no problem to rotate with the Sloppy King. The characteristics of the two are different. Skeleton’s comprehensiveness, better ball coordination ability and defensive contribution It should also be more. On the other hand, the sloppy king has not been a stable center for so many years. The statistics are like a dozen goals in a season, and the header ability is better. Let's discuss it. . Fifth, there are two midfielders. At present, Atul's technical ability is indeed higher. It is still more prominent in a team without a clear core. Therefore, one is the starting position, and the other is selected among the two of Crayon Ao and the conductor. Look, Crayon’s physical confrontation and defense will be better, the conductor is slightly better in offensive organization, coupled with the outstanding physical fitness but the skills and tactics still need to run the American spirit guy, three people compete for another one or two midfield positions . (Specifically, it is more emphasis on offense or overall balance) Fifth, the topic of Prince Dybala, must be brought up separately and finally said that the controversy has been controversial and has been criticized by some parts. The most basic reason is that his position has not been clear, winger? Midfielder? Shadow front? No one knows exactly where he is kicking, because he has no absolute speed, no absolute fine technique, no absolute pie-feeding ability, no absolute running position, no absolute escape and breakthrough, no absolute shooting, but he is just This team is the brightest star except Ronaldo. How to use Xiao Moxian well depends on the coach’s wisdom. I personally think that his physical fitness or physical function needs to be improved. The obvious muscle mass is a little bit weaker, and there is no advantage in confrontation. The physical strength of a certain Ren Erwa's running around can not be magnified. If the physical fitness can be used for support, Bala can be upgraded to a level. Finally, Pirlo, the coach of the fifth-dimensional brain, has too many advantages. There is nothing to say, just the support is over. [Great]

首先,从左侧看,我认为Fraporta的进攻和防守更具特色。风格类似于亚特兰大的歌珊。在进攻端,他可以通过,可以简单地配合,可以进入禁区抢点,并且基本上可以回到防守区。或者该职位参与协助防守或打标,您可以真正专注于此。 其次,由于基耶萨在这里,所以右翼后卫必须是他。他具有出色的上下运动能力,可以清晰地无球跑动,可以与右侧的队友很好地互动,并且具有良好的助球意识能力并且可以跳跃。高各种饲料哈哈,防守时间应该考虑认真,总的来说他在这个位置上比鲍好一点。 第三,我绝对会为两名中后卫选择健康的胖子和瘦子。他们年轻,具有突出的优势。两位长者完全无法达到这一覆盖率。运动功能也比两个长者好一个等级。高空球结实,愿意与身体搏斗。现代足球这是非常重要的。 Shiyiwei的旋转速度,伸直双腿,微笑和展开双手的动作,应该一口气旋转。椰子显然也放慢了太多。它完全取决于意志,质量和经验来完成任务,并且经过两年的辛苦投入才进入管理团队。 第四,第二名前锋我想和骷髅战士一起比赛。至少与Sloppy King一起旋转没有问题。两者的特征是不同的。骨架的全面性,更好的控球能力和防守贡献也应该更高。另一方面,草率的国王多年来没有成为稳定的中心。统计数据表明一个赛季中有十几个进球,而且头球能力更好。让我们讨论一下。 。 第五,有两个中场。目前,Atul的技术能力确实更高。在没有明确核心的团队中,它仍然更加突出。因此,一个是起始位置,另一个是从蜡笔Ao和导体中选择的。看起来,蜡笔小子的身体对抗和防守会更好,指挥员的进攻组织会稍好一些,再加上出色的身体素质,但技巧和战术仍然需要美国精神家伙来跑,三个人争夺另外一两个中场位置。 (特别是,它更加强调进攻或整体平衡) 第五,必须单独提起迪巴拉王子的话题,最后说这场争论是有争议的,并受到某些方面的批评。最基本的原因是他的位置还不清楚,边锋?中场?影子前面?没有人确切地知道他踢的地方,因为他没有绝对的速度,没有绝对的技巧,没有绝对的送饼能力,没有绝对的奔跑姿势,没有绝对的逃逸和突破,没有绝对的投篮,但是他只是这支球队除罗纳尔多外最亮的星星。怎样善用小魔仙取决于教练的智慧。我个人认为他的身体健康或身体功能需要改善。明显的肌肉质量稍弱,在对抗中没有优势。某人二人跑来跑去的体力无法被放大。如果身体健康可以用于支持,则可以将Bala升级到一个级别。 最后,第五维大脑的教练皮尔洛(Pirlo)具有太多优势。没有什么可说的,只是支持已经结束。 [大]

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