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Tiger Fight, September 24, Barcelona midfielder Pjanic accepted an interview with "World Sports" and "Daily Sports"


It’s great. It’s a pity that I joined a bit late because of the virus, but I’m in a good state. Now I live in a hotel, hoping to find a suitable house as soon as possible. Barcelona is a great city. I am very impressed. My physical condition is getting better and better. This is the most important thing.


I think our teammates are very fighting spirits. There is no doubt that last season was a bit disappointing, but now I think the teammates are very focused, everyone is full of determination, and we have also changed the coach. The training class was intense. I believe that everyone feels unbearable to look back at what happened in the past and hopes to reverse the decline.


Last season was also very unfortunate for us. Everyone knows what is happening all over the world. This year is very difficult, and we don’t know what the virus will look like in the future. Football was suspended for two months before, and then we returned to the stadium and felt a little uncomfortable. We did not win the championship in the past season, and now we want to prove that this was just an accident.


I think it's good now. There is no time for a player to join Barcelona, ​​because Barcelona is everyone's dream, so there is no need to pick and choose. I am full of fighting spirit, because it is a great honor to be selected by Barcelona. We are very aware of the level of Barcelona players and it takes determination and hard work to play here. I am proud to be valued by Barcelona. This is a very important opportunity. I had the opportunity to join before, but unfortunately it didn't take place at that time.


We had contact with Barcelona a few times before, but the contact was one aspect, and the final trip was another matter. I couldn't join at that time because my old clubs were unwilling to release people. This is football. But this time the opportunity is very clear, I choose to accept to join, because for me to play at the Nou Camp is my dream, Barcelona is also the greatest club for me.


The players in Barcelona are very good. Of course, Messi, I don’t think there is much to say.


I chatted with everyone, and they all approached me to communicate with me. Everyone taught me a lot of things, including asking me about my situation or what I needed. Rakitic and I are also very close. Although he has gone, he still keeps in touch. I hope to be able to thank everyone, they are all great and very responsible. I hope they can refer to me, and I will be a good teammate.


I have played this way at Juventus myself, as well as in the national team. We used to enter the Champions League final with double back midfielders. Of course, it depends on what the coach said at the end and how to arrange the midfield. I have played a lot of formations myself, and no problem.


I don't think it changed for them. We all have our own characteristics. Everyone can make teammates play better and provide cover for the defense. This is our common point, but as for whom we partner with, it depends on the needs of the team.


I think passing the ball to Messi, what will happen when Messi gets the ball, we are very lucky to have such a player, we hope to provide Messi with the best conditions, and then Messi can show his talent and ability. It is a good thing to have Messi, and we need to seize this opportunity.


No, no, I am not someone else, I am still myself. Xavi and Iniesta are both top players. We all know what kind of football Barcelona was playing at the time. Anyone who loves football wants to see this kind of football. I don’t want to compare with anyone. I respect Harvey and Iniesta very much. I want to go all out and I need to give priority to results.

不,不,我不是别人,我仍然是我自己。 Xavi和Iniesta都是顶级玩家。我们都知道巴塞罗那当时在踢哪种足球。任何热爱足球的人都想看这种足球。我不想和任何人比较。我非常尊重哈维和伊涅斯塔。我要全力以赴,并且需要优先考虑结果。

They are all talented, but they need experience. This is normal. I think it is very important for the team. Young people + veterans. They provide vitality to the team. These Xiaojiang are great, talented and capable, and they are all young. , But also need to listen to the opinions of coaches and seniors.

他们都是有才华的,但他们需要经验。这是正常的。我认为这对于团队非常重要。年轻人+老兵。他们为团队提供了活力。亚博yabo手亚博yabo手机登录机登录这些小江人都是伟大的,有才华的和有能力的,而且都是年轻的。 ,但还需要听取教练和前辈的意见。

I don't think there is much to suggest, because Phuket is like any player. He is a player trained by Barcelona. Everyone pays attention to him, but the coach finally decides who will play. Young players still need to play and accumulate experience. Phuket's strength is still very good. In the end, he is like any teammate. Barcelona is a very strong team with fierce competition.


This is my specialty, and I have always worked very hard, because a free kick can open up the game and bring a turn for the deadlock. We all know that Messi is a good free kicker, but if I have the opportunity, I will take it. Messi’s free kick is great, I can also be a choice, wait and see.


In fact, there is also Buffon. I think their spiritual qualities are very important, and each person is unique and maintains a very high level throughout the year. For this reason, they need to always focus on their work and love football. Job. They all want to be better, and they are all role models for the team.


No, no, on the contrary,


If I can win for my team, of course it’s okay. It’s the best, but winning is the most important thing. Real Madrid is a formidable opponent and Barcelona's year-round opponent. They have the same goal as Barcelona and win everything. There is no doubt that this is a very difficult challenge. It is very important to defeat Real Madrid and win the championship.


Suarez is a great player, one of Barcelona's best attackers in the past few years. His departure was a great loss, it is a fact. I believe that no matter who takes over his position, it means a huge responsibility. I respect Suarez very much.


The Camp Nou stadium, as well as the great Barcelona players, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, they are all names that resound all over the world.


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