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亚博yabo手机:【人物】左右均可胜任的全能边卫达洛特 能成为米兰夏窗的惊喜吗
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The Serie A transfer window is coming to an end, and the Apennines are all making the final preparations, and the same is true for AC Milan, which will implement the loan policy to the end. On the evening of October 4th, Beijing time, the Rossoneri official announced the joining of Manchester United fullback Dalot. The Portuguese who had been wearing a genius halo landed in San Siro and has been in a whirlpool of controversy since the scandal. For Milan, will Dalot be a failure this summer, or will he become a genius?


Dalot, who was born in 1999, is only 21 years old this year. It is another day when Portuguese football has emerged. He joined the youth academy in Porto since he was a boy and jumped directly to the U19 youth team at the age of 17. In 2017, the 18-year-old Dalot was promoted to the Porto B team, played 23 times in a year, and contributed 2 goals and 3 assists.

达洛特(Dalot)出生于1999年,今年只有21岁。这是葡萄牙足球出现的另一天。他从小就加入波尔图的青年学院,并在17岁时直接跳入U19青年队。2017年,年仅18岁的达洛特被提升为波尔图B队,一年出战23次。 ,并贡献了2个进球和3个助攻。

Not considered young and famous, but has been favored by Juventus, Bayern and Naples. Naples once sent executives to fly over to discuss the transfer, although no agreement was reached, at least the ability was recognized. Before joining Manchester United in the summer of 2018, Dalot followed Portugal to win the U17 European Championship. At the age of 16, he was called into the first team training by then coach Lopetegui.

虽然不算年轻和有名,但尤文图斯,拜仁和那不勒斯一直很喜欢。那不勒斯曾经派遣高管飞越讨论转让事宜,尽管未达成协议,但至少该能力得到了认可。在2018年夏天加入曼联之前,达洛特跟随葡萄牙赢得了U17欧洲冠军。 16岁那年,他被当时的教练Lopetegui召入一队训练。

In the second half of the 2017/18 season, Dalot followed the Porto first team and sent 3 assists in 8 games, already showing a certain talent. If it weren't for Manchester United to throw an olive branch in 2018, the Portuguese super giants once hoped to right the young full-back, and even sold him Ricardo Pereira, who has entered the Portugal World Cup squad and is also a right-back. .

在2017/18赛季下半场,达洛特跟随波尔图一线队,在8场比赛中送出3次助攻,已经显示出一定的天赋。如果不是曼联队在2018年抛出橄榄枝,那么葡萄牙超级巨人曾经希望纠正这位年轻的后卫,甚至卖给了里卡多·佩雷拉(Ricardo Pereira),他已经进入了葡萄牙世界杯阵容,也是右派-背部。 。

It is precisely because of Dalot's talent that the Red Devils will spend 22 million euros to bring him to the Dream Theater, and the player's initial positioning is to top the vacancy of Dalot. Unfortunately, in just two seasons, the Portuguese suffered from injuries and suffered two bruises and two groin injuries. In total, they only played 34 games for Manchester United, contributing 1 goal and 3 games. Assists.


Last season, Dalot only represented Manchester United in 4 Premier League games, of which only one start. The club hopes that players can go out to level up to become more mature, and players are eager for more opportunities, so there is a Milan loan deal.


Dalot's high hopes were not for no reason. First of all, he is 1.83 meters tall and has a strong body, able to maintain his balance in high-speed dribbling, and has a better physical quality than his peers. Secondly, he is competent on both the left and right side lanes, allowing him to adapt to more tactics.


However, Dalot's shortcomings and strengths are very obvious. His top game, crosses and key passes are all very good, but the finishing ability. Discipline and steals need to be improved. In the game, the Portuguese prefer pilling and long shots, and they often dribble the ball. As a backcourt player, he doesn't like falling tackles.


Relying on excellent physical fitness, Dalot has an advantage in the header fight, and his ability to pass is also very impressive, but the player himself has less experience in top games, and there is a risk of sending a knife mountain. Another hidden danger is that both left-back and full-backs are competent, which means Dalot is very versatile, but omnipotence usually means that it is not outstanding in the field. What Milan needs now is a substitute for Special Olympics, and it is still unknown whether Dalot can be competent.


After Dalot joined Milan, the former Milan full-back Antonini made a comment. He believed that the Rossoneri signings were very targeted and Dalot could help the team.


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Considering that Darot spent two unsuccessful seasons at Manchester United and was frequently plagued by injuries, many Milan fans are cautiously pessimistic about his joining. Pulling the timeline back to a year ago, people also project this view on Special Olympics. Milan has Maldini's checkpoint in the competition. The signings of the past season have proved that the Milanese player who came from a defender has a certain guarantee in quality.


Regarding Dalot’s transfer, another key factor may be his age. The technical characteristics of the players have not been finalized. This is very much in line with the development strategy of the Rossoneri’s youth route, and the players themselves have not forced a buyout. Clause, if it fails to play a convincing performance, it will not cause huge losses.


In any case, Dalot has put on the Rossoneri's jersey, and the depth of the Serie A giants' lineup has been improved to a certain extent, but he can become another gem of rebirth in the Rossoneri's adversity just like last season's Special Olympics. ?

无论如何,达洛特都穿上了罗索内里的球衣,意甲巨人的阵容深度得到了一定程度的改善,但就像上赛季的特奥会一样,他可以成为罗索内里逆境中重生的另一颗宝石。 ?

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