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I accidentally saw a post interviewing Mueller after the World Cup in South Africa After reading the post, the feeling is: the same for ten years, not forgetting the original intention. I picked up some posts, and I really feel lucky to be able to follow a player like this for ten years!

在南非世界杯之后,我不小心看到了一篇采访穆勒的帖子 看完帖子,感觉是:十年不变,没有忘记初衷。 我挑选了一些职位,很高兴能够跟随这样的玩家十年!

The interview is as follows:


1. About the national team's No. 13 jersey The number 13 is suitable for me because of the Ged-Müller relationship, but what is the difference besides this? If Michelle comes back, he probably wants to return this number. Then I will return it to him, because after all, I have no particular preference. Maybe I will choose the 25th like I did at Bayern. To

1.关于国家队的13号球衣 由于Ged-Müller的关系,数字13适合我,但是除此之外还有什么区别?如果米歇尔回来,他可能想返回这个数字。然后我将其退还给他,因为毕竟我没有特别的偏好。也许我会像在拜仁那样选择25号位。 至

2. About the captain I always think of the team as a whole. Who wears the armband is not so important. I used to be the captain of the U15 youth league. At that time, I always had to assign tasks, who was responsible for what, and what vest to wear. For this reason, I occasionally provoke dissatisfaction from my teammates. The rest is nothing special. Therefore, there is nothing unhappy when I need to hand over the captain's armband a year later. To

2.关于队长 我一直认为团队是一个整体。谁戴上臂章并不重要。我曾经是U15青年联盟的队长。那时,我总是必须分配任务,由谁负责什么以及穿什么背心。因此,我偶尔会引起队友的不满。其余的没什么特别的。因此,一年后我需要交出队长袖标时,没有什么不高兴的。 至

3. About the World Cup Golden Boots and World Cup Champions The award ceremony of the Golden Boot will be held until the end of the year. Compared with the Golden Boot, I value the championship more, but I will still put it (Golden Boot) in a decent place. To

3.关于世界杯金靴奖和世界杯冠军 金靴奖颁奖典礼将一直持续到今年年底。与金靴相比,我更看重冠军,但我仍会把它(金靴)放在一个不错的地方。 至

4. On the high starting point of a career When I look back, I sometimes ask myself if there are many players who are about to become famous like this. I myself did not notice that things happened so quickly. But I am very happy with the status quo and will do my best to improve myself further. I still enjoy all this, because there are always new challenges, and most importantly, the fun of football will never disappear. To 5. About market value The concept of market value is too abstract. And I will not consider a transfer, then this problem does not exist. In addition, even if Ronaldo is worth 95 million euros, he will lose a one-on-one confrontation, so he can't buy anything with his market value. To

4.在事业的高起点上 当我回头看时,有时我会问自己,是否有很多像这样的著名人物。我自己没有注意到事情发生得如此之快。但是我对现状感到非常满意,并将竭尽所能进一步提高自己。我仍然喜欢这一切,因为总是有新的挑战,而且最重要的是,足球的乐趣永远不会消失。 至 5.关于市场价值 市场价值的概念太抽象了。而且我不会考虑转让,那么这个问题不存在。此外,即使罗纳尔多身价9500万欧元,他也将失去一对一的对抗,因此他无法以其市值购买任何东西。 至

6. About money Money is not that important to me. I haven't bought any special valuables after the World Cup. All I enjoy is that financial freedom. For example, if I want to go to a good restaurant, then I don’t need to think about it: Can I afford it? I'm happy to eat some good food, but I don't need to drive five famous cars or wear a famous watch on my arm. To 7. About the transfer  After the World Cup, Khedira and Özil have moved to Real Madrid. Have you considered the possibility of transfer? No. From a competitive point of view, I already have everything I want in Bayern. I have a coach who fully trusts me and I am familiar with the environment here. The team is very young and has a lot of potential. Everything is perfect in Bayern. To

6.关于金钱 金钱对我而言并不那么重要。世界杯结束后,我还没有买任何特殊的贵重物品。我所享受的就是财务自由。例如,如果我想去一​​家好餐厅,那我就不用考虑了:我负担得起吗?我很高兴吃一些好吃的东西,但是我不需要驾驶五辆著名的汽车,也不需要戴着著名的手表。 至 7.关于转让 世界杯之后,赫迪拉(Khedira)和厄齐尔(Özil)移居皇家马德里。您是否考虑过转移的可能性? 不。从竞争的角度来看,我已经拥有拜仁想要的一切。我有一位完全信任我的教练,并且我对这里的环境很熟悉。团队非常年轻,潜力巨大。拜仁的一切都很完美。 至

8. About "always loyal to Bayern" What is important to me is that as a professional player, I can always play in a club of high standards like Bayern. It is not easy to achieve this. But as I just said: I can get everything I can think of at Bayern. Even if Bayern cannot participate in the Champions League, I will stay because we are a team. When Juventus was downgraded, Buffon still did not leave, and I would like to be Bayern's Buffon. To

8.关于“永远忠于拜仁” 对我来说重要的是,作为职业球员,我总是可以在像拜仁这样的高水准俱乐部打球。要做到这一点并不容易。但正如我刚才所说:在拜仁,我可以得到所有想得到的东西。即使拜仁不能参加欧洲冠军联赛,我也会留下来,因为我们是一支球队。当尤文图斯降级时,布冯仍然没有离开,我想成为拜仁的布冯。 至

9. Advice for some players A player needs to have a strong mind. I have many teammates, in my opinion even more talented, but there is always something missing to make them good players, the most important thing is the kind of resolute implementation. My advice is: always make 100% effort, no matter if you are playing a final or a friendly match. Then it takes some luck. For example, I met a coach like Van Gaal like Bad Stuber and I. To

9.给一些玩家的建议 玩家需要有坚强的头脑。我认为我有很多队友,甚至更有才华,但是总有一些东西无法使他们成为优秀的球员,最重要的是要坚决执行。我的建议是:无论您参加决赛还是友谊赛,都应尽全力。然后需要一些运气。例如,我遇到了像范·加尔(Van Gaal)这样的教练,例如Bad Stuber和我。 至

10. About business I don't know how much demand there is. These things are handled by my agent. At the end of the World Cup, he declined some business requests, because otherwise I would not be able to go on vacation. I am a professional player, and I need a quiet environment to get away from certain things. If I am tired of dealing with business activities and affecting my football, it is a bit unreasonable. I think this is very important both then and now. To 11. About the family The most important thing is feeling, the feeling that everything at home is in order. Whenever I go home, I always feel that I am returning to my familiar and quiet world. This will give me an indispensable sense of security. Wearing No. 19, No. 8, and No. 25 is in the U-shaped team. Mueller's first national team game was also Barack's last national team game. At that time Barack wore size 13 and Mueller wore size 25. To To

10.关于业务 我不知道有多少需求。这些事情由我的经纪人处理。世界杯结束时,他拒绝了一些商务要求,因为否则我将无法休假。我是一名职业球员,我需要一个安静的环境来摆脱某些事物。如果我厌倦了处理商务活动并影响我的足球,那是不合理的。我认为无论现在还是现在,这都是非常重要的。 至 11.关于家庭 最重要的是感觉,家里的一切都井井有条。每当我回到家,我总会感到自己回到了我熟悉而宁静的世界。这将给我一种必不可少的安全感。 身穿19号,8号和25号身着U形队。穆勒的第一场国家队比赛也是巴拉克的最后一场国家队比赛。当时,巴拉克(Barack)穿着13号,穆勒(Mueller)穿着25号。 至 至

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