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On October 23, Beijing time, the third round of the CBA regular season continued. The Liaoning team defeated the Beikong team 111-91 and gained a three-game winning streak after the start of the new season. In this game, Liaoning's small forward Zhang Zhenlin scored 21 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, setting a career record for scoring in a single game. In the game, he continued to perform emergency stops and jump shots, and all points were also scored. Shooting and three-pointers also showed his talent.


Since Li Xiaoxu and He Tianju were troubled by injuries, the Liaoning team has been suffering from the lack of a striker for many points, and is often blown by the opponent's powerful 3 position. In this game, Li Gen, who is on the opposite side, has been a bitter owner of the Liaoning team for many years. Whether he is playing for the Beijing team or the Xinjiang team, every time he encounters Li Gen, the Liaoning team can only let the defenders defend him. Tonnage is all at a loss, and Li Gen will always break it easily.

自从李小旭和何天菊受伤以来,辽宁队一直缺少前锋很多分,常常被对手强大的三分球打败。在这场比赛中,对立的李根(Li Gen)多年来一直是辽宁队的苦头。无论是为北京队还是新疆队效力,辽宁队每次遇到李根时都只能让防守者为他辩护。吨位无所适从,李根总是会轻易打破它。

But with the addition of Zhang Zhenlin this season, the striker of the Liaoning team finally no longer suffers, but can bully others. As soon as this game came up, Zhang Zhenlin also fully demonstrated how strong his talent is. Facing the defense of the North Control team, he completely regarded it as nothing, and constantly made emergency stop and dry jump shots from the three-point line and mid-range. Although the North Control team's players had already sealed his face, it was due to Zhang Zhenlin's height. The advantage is too great, so it is difficult for the opponent to form an effective interference with him. As a result, only in the first quarter of the game, Zhang Zhenlin scored 14 points, creating a new high personal record for scoring in a single game. After watching Zhang Zhenlin’s performance in this season, many fans couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “Black jersey, number 7 on the back, kevin in English, plus all kinds of dry pull jumpers. Durant is possessed."


In addition to his personal offensive sharpness, Zhang Zhenlin's defense against Li Gen is also very good. Although he cannot completely prevent Li Gen due to his confrontation and experience disadvantages, Zhang Zhenlin is tall enough to cover Li Gen. This makes it difficult for the latter to make every shot, which is a huge contrast to the performance that used to score easily with two backs in previous games against the Liaoning team.


However, as the Liaoning team began to send Mayo in the second quarter, and Yang Ming also tested the three-guard lineup in the third quarter, Zhang Zhenlin's playing time was once restricted, and the other players in the Liaoning team felt hot , Zhang Zhenlin's shots also declined. But even so, when Zhang Zhenlin returned at the end of the third quarter, he showed his intrepid talent again, making two consecutive unreasonable three-pointers, making the North Control coach Marbury on the sidelines helpless.


In the end, when the game entered the garbage time ahead of schedule, Zhang Zhenlin still scored 21 points. Although he was 1 point less than the opposite Li Gen, Zhang Zhenlin’s playing time and the number of shots were significantly less than his opponent. In terms of offensive efficiency, He is actually higher than Li Gen. Judging from the situation of the first 3 games, Zhang Zhenlin's talent is indeed the best among the local CBA players. With him, the fans of the Liaoning team finally no longer have to relive the nightmare of always being blown up by the front line.


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